Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday and Happy September!

Haven't been writing too much on this blog - sorry! Today is BJ's birthday - he definitely has been showered with gifts today: Shlafley's homemade bread pudding from St. Louis, Boulevard wheat beer/Shlafley beer/Fat Tire beer/, a new softball bag, and a Cardinals fleece. We are going to Mama Dip's in Chapel Hill tonight for dinner - supposed to have some excellent "down-home" Southern cookin'.

This summer has definitely flown by. We visited Ben Houston (Bj's cousin) and his lovely family a few weeks ago at Topsail Beach - it was wonderful to just sit on the beach and relax. Blue, our dog, came along and experienced the beach for the first time. He had a blast and I was surprised that he went straight for the water. He had fun at night trying to chase the little crabs. Ben came and stayed with us for a week at Labor Day. It was so nice to finally have company!

BJ started doing weekend work at a small hospital in Ahoskie, NC. He doesn't even have cell phone service! The place is 2 1/2 hrs away, so I am left behind :( So anyone who wants to come and visit - please do!!!!

We are definitely looking forward to the Fall weather which brings cooler weather. Hopefully we will have some more visitors and get used to Durham a little more.

This coming weekend, Andrea is off to St. Louis to hang out with family and friends. BJ is going to Pittsburgh for a "bachelor party" and to see the St. Louis Cardinals play the Pirates.

Miss you all! Love you!