Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Here it is - our new house!!!! 110 Sherman Place

Here are a few pictures - since this was taken we have done some landscaping and put in hanging baskets and flower pots on the front porch (makes it look a hundred times better) - could use a little paint job on the outside - but its a rental home and the inside is wonderful!!!!!!

Visit to a farm

Amidst all of the packing - I decided to take Addie and Harrison on an adventure. They were both super cranky from staying in and being watched by a sitter while mommy and daddy were working. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous scenic drive to a farm in Boonton Township. Addie had fun feeding the animals carrots and playing in the outdoor house.

Mommy and Addie and shopping at Trader Joes

I had been to Trader Joes before - in StL, NC and Pittsburgh - never saw what the hype was about - crowed parking lot on Saturdays - full of healthy food that I wasn't really caring about at the time....but now it's my favorite place to go!!! First, I have had to make meals on the run due to the craziness of moving/packing and not wanting to make meals from scratch ( TJs makes FABULOUS microwavable meals and snacks!!!!) and 2nd, Addie can push her own little cart in the store and it's an entire outing for us - BONUS!!! Minus one carton of eggs on the ground - she has been pretty good :)

Brotherly Love :)

Sometimes Addie is just the sweetest thing to Harrison - even saying "You are the best ever" - and then there are times when she is horrid :) - like when he tries to "eat" her toys!!!! But all-in-all they are pretty cute together!

Silly Town Fun!

Harrison LOVES this toy!!! Mostly because he likes to turn the wheel and bang on it :)

Harrison and Mommy :)


I love you, I love you!!! You are a crazy baby and nothing that I every expected!!! It truly is true that boys and girls are completely different species. You squeal with delight at everything and growl when you are happy or want "more" of something. You aren't that interested with your baby toys - just curious HOW they work and how much NOISE they can make when you bang them against things. What you really want are Addie's toys - especially her pull-along puppy and her Minnie Mouse doll. You will stop at nothing to see what she is playing with and get your hands on it. The very day you turned 6 months you started full on crawling!!!! Mommy put out Addie's baby toy - Silly Town - and you went nuts with it! You also found that you could pull yourself up to standing! Wow - 2 milestones in one day! Unfortunately once you found out you could move - you went exploring. You are into everything that isn't safe for you - electrical outlets, fireplace, steps, wires, etc. - AHHHH!!!!! You don't like to sit yet, but you sit on your knees and that seems to work just fine. Oh - you also get a HUGE kick out of standing on the sofa with Addie - you think it is the most fun ever and when you fall down you laugh and laugh. You are also into peek-a-boo, tickling, and airplanes with our feet. You are still a Momma's boy and throw the BIGGEST tantrum when she isn't around and you want 1) food or 2) cuddling - although exhausting at times - Mommy still loves it :) You also get extremely excited when you see Addie first thing in the morning - your face lights up and you squeal really loud - it is very sweet. You are still waking up about 1-2 times in the middle of the night - but hopefully that will change once you start solids this month. You are just a CRAZY little man - that hair says it all!!!! I know that we are in for a wild ride with you and this is just the beginning :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My little cowgirl

Round em' Up!!!! Hee Haw!!!

Cutest thing ever!

Ring-a-round-the-rosie - by 2 year olds. Addie's first time doing this with kids her own age! The sweetest voices ever :)

BJ's 1 year at Garden State Bariatrics - Anniversary Party

BJ is truly blessed to work with wonderful people!!! They made this transition to New Jersey much easier and we cannot thank them enough for welcoming us into their lives!!! Thank you!!!!

Addie playing with her Little People

This girl has an imagination! I am always amazed at the things she comes up with while playing. She is already EXTREMELY creative!

A few days before I started crawling!

He can definitely get to anything he wants by scooting, pushing, head rolling, etc. And his favorite toy is a ball to chase on the mat.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nighttime Silliness

When the bewitching hour of 7:00 pm rolls around and I have 2 kids to put to sleep - it can be most challenging. Both are cranky - Addie usually cranky AND wound-up. Both have their nighttime rituals that must be done in order to ensure ZZZZs and Mommy wants to get it all done so she can have a hour at least of relaxation, quiet, and a glass of wine!!! Addie likes her PJs, dolly, bottle, one episode of a favorite show, and rockie time with songs and a story (whew!). Harrison just wants to nurse right now - but that is still a 30 minute routine!