Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Still Addie is struggling and Harrison is loving it - but we are committed to ALL of our kids learning to swim!  Lennon started his baby classes this month - first time seeing a BIG POOL!!!  He really liked his first experience in the water with me.  Although he insisted on floating on his back the whole time!
Addie REALLY did not like this teacher at all....

Getting ready for his first class!

The noodles are like weapons to him

Fun times at Preschool!

He loves the sensory table!

Pajama Day is the best - especially when they watch "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight!"

Morrow Church Beach Party!

Addie's buddies at school - Eoin and Allie!

The girl loves to draw!

Tub Time!

It's always craziness when you get the three of them in a tub together.  I do more yelling than enjoying the experience because everyone is splashing, hitting, dumping water out of the tub, etc.  And ever since Lennon was added to the mix - it makes me nervous.  But they LOOK very cute all in a tub together ;)

Attempts at taking Christmas pictures

I don't think anyone realizes how TRULY HARD it is to get everyone dressed, outside, situated, and one DECENT PICTURE OF EVERYONE!!!  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!  So our Christmas Card this year was of everyone crying or making funny faces since that is what we deal with on a daily basis anyway.  Everyone smiling is not a true representation.  So I went with what I had ;)

My little elves and other December outtakes

Just what I needed - taking all the clean laundry and putting it on the floor!

Now he's trying to help by sweeping...

Yummy cookies!

We like the frosting better than the cookie

Harrison's idea of a "selfie"

BJ thought this look was amusing - done prior to shaving off the whole beard

Mommy and Addie makeover time!

Rocking that side pony!

Spiderman and his web

During quiet time I got all the diaper pail bags and filled them with toys! Yay!

Hat time!

Our car