Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time with the Malone family

My parents came in right after BJ's family for a visit as BJ was off for a 9 day surgery mission trip to Haiti.  We had a great time together and celebrated my father's 70th birthday and retirement at a house party in Philadelphia.  My father got to connect with old friends and Addie thought cousin Gordon was her "prince".   Unfortunately the end of the trip was marked by the sad news that Ahda had fallen and was taken to the hospital :( 

Time with Family

Unfortunately March brought some bad news to both sides of the family.  First was the funeral of Aunt Mar - BJ's great aunt who lived in Roebling, NJ her whole life.  At the end, she was truly the matriarch of the Yurcisin family and still resided at the original Yurcisin home where all of the brothers and sisters were raised.  BJ's father, Josh, Shannon and the kids all came to stay with us for the days preceding the funeral.  Amidst the sadness, the kids all had a good time playing together :) Lilly celebrated her 2nd birthday, we realized Parker and Harrison were the same size despite their 7 month age gap, and Addie followed Avry and Katie around the whole time.