Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Garden State Bariatric Holiday Party

As I mentioned last year - BJ's work puts on a fancy and fabulous Christmas party for all of it's patients and their families.  It's a way for them to dress up, show off their new figures, and celebrate with those who have supported them.  The entire event is at a gorgeous catering/reception hall and it is always beautifully decorated for Christmas.  This year was very special for Addie because Santa Claus (who was a former patient) was present and she followed him EVERYWHERE!!!  Her little eyes lit up when he showed up and he even sat at our table for dinner!!!! She was mesmerized by him and it was absolutely adorable.  She even told him what she wanted for Christmas - so I can check that off our "to do" list!!!!  We had a great time and it was nice to be there to support BJ and his practice!

Double Digits - Harrison is 10 Months!!!

Whoa!!! Slow it down!!!!  I don't want my baby boy to be double digits yet!!!!  I don't want there to be only 8 weeks till he is 1 year old!!!!!!  Time flies by so quickly and especially around the holidays I think it goes even QUICKER!!!  He is so FREAKING cute and every day I marvel at how cute he is at everything he does!!!  I guess it makes up for the frustration over his poor sleep habits :)  He is really imitating everything we do now:  talking on the phone, taking pictures with a camera, putting on hats, etc.  I think he is taking in way more than we think he is!!!! He also claps now and loves to "dance" to music by bending his knees!!!!  He doesn't like to be spoon fed anymore so mealtime options are a little more challenging - especially when you have NO TEETH!!!

Dancing to our snowman

Harrison and Addie can do WAYYYY better than this - but this is what I caught on video :)

The art of brushing one's teeth

Great shots of Addie's nightly routine.  She loves looking at herself in the mirror!!!!

Decorating for Christmas!!!

I was soooo excited to decorate this year. First of all - we have the BEST house for it. Open space, old Victorian home - LOVE IT!!!!! I have always enjoyed this time of year, but even more so now that I have children. Addie really GETS Christmas this year - Santa, the elves, the reindeer, etc. I am so excited for her I can hardly contain myself! I thought she would be all about putting up the tree and hanging up ornaments - but she really could have cared less :) I think she was more involved last year when she was 18 months!!!! Once the Christmas stuffed animals came out that made noise - she and Harrison literally went NUTS - and there BJ and I were stuck with putting all the ornaments on the tree. The kids really did seem to have a great time that night, though. We hung the stockings and then introduced our new elf from "Elf on the Shelf". Addie named it "Zoe" to give it it's magical powers to fly to the North Pole each night and report on her "naughty/nice" behavior. And that means that mommy/daddy have to put Zoe in a different spot of the house every morning for 25 days straight!!!!! We also have a Mickey Mouse countdown calendar where Addie moves the present each day. Ahhh - tis' the season!!!!!
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy 2 1/2 Addie!!!

Wow!!  I realize now how much a difference 6 months can make!  Addie has really grown up quite a bit since her 2nd birthday.  Her speech and vocabulary are AMAZING and she has the best imagination ever!  She has started to DIRECT play activities.  For example " Okay, Mommy - you be the prince.  I am the beautiful princess and am asleep.  So you have to come and kiss me on my eye".  She loves to make up her own songs by combining about 2-3 of her favorite songs and she will make up songs about absolutely ANYTHING - putting on socks, eating blueberries, etc.  She love to dance around and wear princess dresses.  She has her own little expressions and gestures - love when she puts her hand on her hips :)  Wonder where she got that from ???!!!!!  She is destined to be a very outgoing girl - possibly on the stage??????  Her memory still blows me away - she can remember every detail about an event that took place well over 6 months ago!  - what she was wearing, what she ate, who was there, etc.  She is also very loving - except for those moments when her terrible 2s kick in to high gear!!!!  She has a big heart and is very in tune to people's emotions.  She has all her teeth now and has stopped her crazy growth spurts.  She loves her two friends and can't wait to have playdates with them.  She still asks for a bottle all the time and Mommy gives in once in awhile :)  She has to have "little bit of show", a book, and singing before bedtime.  What a love the best is that she still has a little bit of "baby" left.  Her cherub cheeks, her protruding tummy, her pudgy toes and hands, and the rolls right below her diaper.  Her birthmark on her bottom is fading as is the one near her nose.  I am sure that at her 3rd birthday - these things might be gone :(  So I will give them all kisses and savor the last bit of "baby-ness".  I just love everything about her - she's my girl.

Buffalo at Thanksgiving

Grammy Sam and Bumpa had yet to meet Harrison.  BJ had a few days off around Thanksgiving so we decided it was a good time to take a road trip and have his side of the family meet our little guy!!!  The weather was very cooperative and the kids were AMAZING on the way to Buffalo.  Blue was probably the least behaved of the "kids"!!!!!  Addie and Harrison had fun with their cousins and even got to watch a Christmas parade!!!!  It was a very nice trip and good to see everyone :)  The way home was a different story - some cranky kids and a lot of traffic!!