Sunday, August 31, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

So much fun decorating for this Holiday - it's so sweet and I have the Best Valentine's ever in my house!
Getting an early start on Valentines for their friends at school

Early opening of cards from Ahma and Paw-Paw

Harrison's classroom - handmade bags to receive the cards!

Opening up all the card from his friends at school - so precious!

Putting her Valentine's in her friends' cubbies!

Valentine's Day at school!

Helping Mommy on a special day!

Marble craft

Addie and her BFF Allie

A very cold, treacherous, and icy trip to the Post Office to mail Valentine's cards home

Opening up cards from her friends at school

Valentine's morning is finally here!


Have to get this shot every year!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Harrison!