Friday, July 27, 2012

Lazy July, Lazy Mommy

First shave

Oh goodness - my first pregnancy in the hot, hot summer and it was miserable.  Thank goodness June was so nice so I only had to endure 1 month of hot weather.  The bigger I got the more annoying the summer was.  So thank goodness I had our lovely babysitter available to take the kids to the park each day.  When they were with me - I tried to find fun indoor activities to do - or at least confined outside things to do.  We spent a lot of time at splashparks, backyard pools or indoor museums.  I tried to make bath time fun and do lots of crafts indoors.  Here is how we spent our last weeks before Baby #3!!!!

Finally - a pregnancy post

So this is the worst documented pregnancy thus far.  I definitely took belly pictures - but did not write how many weeks, etc.  All you can tell is that I get bigger and bigger :)  A lot has gone on with this pregnancy and in many, many ways this little surprise turned into a huge blessing.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant - health issues with both me and my family arose - consuming my thoughts.  In fact, my own health issue wouldn't have even been detected if I hadn't been pregnant - so that's a big "thank you" right there.  When my grandfather passed in April - this baby was what helped me through a very rough and emotional patch and knowing that it was a boy and would be named after him made it even more special.  So, even though we thought we were done being a family of 4 - I think it was always meant to be a party of 5.  Too many things have happened with this pregnancy to make me think it was meant to be all along.  We are all looking forward to meeting this baby boy and embracing him into an already zany and loving family.  He has been loved and anticipated from the start and have a brother and sister who will go gaga over him :)  Since he is taking after his brother and can't figure out which way is out - we decided on an early c-section.  So baby boy Yurcisin is coming in 3 days!!!!!  July 30th at 11:30 a.m. is the scheduled c-section time.  I am completely happy with this decision for many reasons - so hopefully all goes well!!!!!  Each child has entered this world in their own way and own time - so I can only anticipate what this one will bring.  It was a relatively short pregnancy for me since so many things happened along the way - but it has been a very long and uncomfortable last 4 weeks.  Although I know that 3 babies under 3 will be a TON of work - bring it on.  I love my 2 little ones so much already that I can't wait to see what little wonder God has in store for us next :)