Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh Lordy - the naps have ceased!!!!!

Are you KIDDING ME!!!!!!  About 1 week before school started, Harrison stopped taking his 2 1/2 hour naps and just climbing out of his crib and creating all sorts of havoc in his room.  So we had to convert his bed to a toddler bed and BAM - that was it.  NO MORE NAPS!!!!!  He had freedom to do whatever in his room and that was all it took.  No matter how exhausting of a day he had - he refused to sleep.  Yet he was absolutely wiped out and cranky at 4 pm.  This little boy clearly needs his nap still but what can you do?  You can't force him to sleep.  Oh goodness, this is going to be rough :)

Harrison's First Day of School EVER!!!! The 2's class, Mrs. Hicks

Seriously - Harrison is a BABY going to school this year!!!  He is still in diapers, just learning to say his name and talk in sentences, and - well, he's my BABY!!!!  But it's only 2 days a week and I know it will be so good for him socially.  It's just crazy that he is putting on a backpack and headed to a school.  I was way more emotional this year dropping off Harrison than Addie.  This is the first time I have ever dropped off Harrison anywhere.  Addie went to daycare when she was a baby and then preschool last year.  Harrison has been attached at my hip since he was born!  But he was a BIG BOY on this day and so ready to head off to the school that he had seen his sister go to for a whole year!!!  He proudly put on his backpack and headed into the classroom - without even looking back once!!!  I think he was the only one who didn't cry in the classroom that day.  He had a blast and his best friend Grey was there, too - which I think helped him tremendously.  Even since that first day of school, he has never had any issues being by himself.  I am very proud of him and he truly loves his adorable 2s class!  They are sooooo adorable all together.  What a great experience.  Seems like a 2nd home to us.

OMG - just look at that sweet face!!!!

Classic Harrison smile

So funny!

I love this one :)

Gotta wear his Batman t-shirt today!  His favorite super hero

So tiny!

Harrison and his buds "Mick and Baby Grey" - Oh and the finger in the nose


First Day of School for Addie! 4s Preschool, Mrs. Gray

Off to school we go!  Our last year at Morrow Preschool for Addie!  She is a big 4 year old this year!  Going to school M-Th from 9-11:30!  Her teacher this year is Mrs. Gray.  Such a stark contrast from the year before on her first day.  Last year she was so timid and shy.  This year she had so much more confidence and ready to take on the 4s class!!!  This year she is in the morning group so all new friends!!!!
My German-inspired treat cone for the 1st day!

So pretty in pink - ready to impress!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Savoring the days before school

Countdown calendar for school!!!

Hanging out with mommy in the kitchen

Burgers, shakes, and fries!!!!

Lennon loves the countdown chains!!!!

Look at those legs in those shoes!!!

Who doesn't love bubbles!!!

Checking out the garden

Whoa - miss attitude!


Visit to the farm

Sweet embrace :)

More popcorn please!!!!!

Everyone wanted in the baby pool with Lennon!!!!!  I remember when Addie still fit in there ;(

Awww - reading a letter from his first teacher - Mrs. Hicks

Reading HER letter from her 4s class teacher, Mrs. Gray!
AHHH!!!  I realized that the summer was GONE and I only had a few short weeks before both Harrison and Adelaide started preschool!!!!  There were lots of bubbles, swimming, popcicles,