Friday, February 25, 2011

Things are starting to get normal around here - whatever "normal" is :)

The 2nd week with Harrison was a little better. My parents came to help out and I was starting to feel slightly better and the baby was somewhat on a schedule. Addie continued to show her "terrible twos" side - especially since she had an audience at home now. BJ went back to work and tried to squeeze in naps whenever I could. We made our first trip out to a restaurant where I tried breastfeeding in public (a huge anxiety of mine) - and BJ and I got to go out by ourselves for a nice Valentine's day dinner. I got to enjoy my first dirty martini since 9 months ago :) These first few weeks I realized how important being on a schedule is, that I need to get myself ready to go at the crack of dawn, and organization is key when you want to head out the door with two kids in tow.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our First Week with Harrison

Actually - I don't really remember the first week - a blur of constant feedings, harnessing Addie, and trying to sleep and eat in between. But at least I took some pictures :) Harrison definitely became a permanent fixture in Addie's life as she immediately started asking about him after her naps and nighttime sleeps. She also loved to help with diaper changes and her favorite saying was "I miss you Harrison" - her version of "I love you". Oh - but things weren't always sugar and spice with Miss Addie - I can't forget the throwing of food near the baby, pulling the pacifier out of his mouth, and lunging into into his baby swing...

Welcome Home Harrison!

Went into the hospital on Tuesday morning and left on Thursday afternoon. Momo was greeted by Addie and Blue with welcome arms. That night BJ made dinner and Mommy tried to adjust to life at home with two babies....

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hospital Time - Addie Meets her Little Brother!

Addie visited me at the hospital the day after Harrison was born. It was quite an experience! I was exhausted and trying to feed Harrison - Addie was wound up from not taking a nap and running around the hospital room and out the door into the halls :) She took to Harrison quite well and started calling him "my baby". She was very excited to hold him and give him lots of kisses. She wasn't a big fan of Mommy's lap being taken over - but I figured that would be the case. Her "big sister" gift included a t-shirt, baby boy doll, and big sister book. I loved the Overlook Hospital staff and my doctor - and the whole experience. Before I left I got a beautiful dinner and massage :) Oh, and Momo was the only one on the floor ready to cheer for the Steelers in the 2011 Super Bowl.