Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Addie!!!!!

Wow - 1, 2, and 3 - I was okay with - Addie still seemed very little - still in her "toddler-hood" - but FOUR - wow, that doesn't sit well with me.  FOUR is big!!!!  Four is a definite "little girl" age that comes with a whole new territory of parenting.  You are supposed to DO things at 4, right?  Like start hobbies, talents, chores, real learning, minding your parents, true "time-out" - RIGHT?  Four means you remember things that your parents say and do and I feel that I better be careful because I don't want to SCAR her for life with whatever I may do wrong or whatever may come out of my mouth.  Four means that you start questioning EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and wonder why the world works and I had BETTER have the right ANSWERS!!!!!  Whew - I am putting a lot of pressure on myself with this - but this birthday was a Big Deal!!!!!  Addie is certainly growing up.  She is a brilliant talker and super smart.  Very, very good memory still.  She loves preschool and playing with her "sisters".  She loves playing Mommy and taking care of all of her dollies.  She also loves bossing Harrison around and totally doting on Lennon like he was her OWN baby.  I think she is having a heart time with adjusting to 2 other kids in the family getting attention.  I think she was meant to be an only child and she HATES to not have the spotlight on her.  This is pretty much the main reason for her frequent outbursts and whines.  For me - I am constantly trying to figure out how to give each child enough attention to make sure they DON'T feel this way - so I am very frustrated when she acts like this.  She has taken ballet and soccer classes this year and, while she acts like she loves the idea of the sports and she is pretty good at them, she chooses to stand on the "sidelines" and not participate most of the time.  She says she is "a little shy".  She really really reminds me of myself at this age.  I really was a "loner" and didn't like to be a part of the gang.  I would rather be off by myself than right in the mix of things.  Not sure if it was shyness or not - but that was my preference when I was little.  I see a lot of myself in her.  The only difference is that I was an only child and she has 2 brothers at home - so I thought that she would be more outgoing around other children.  Addie is VERY creative with her mind and imagination - her artwork and crafts are very unique and she always has a great explanation for their creation.  I have no doubt that THIS will be her avenue in life if she so chooses - something artsy/creative - something that uses her MIND.  Right now if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will say "A doctor AND a mommy" - and 3 kids and you will take care of them because you are the GRANDMA."  And I tell her that she can be whatever she wants to be :)  She is also a "rough lover" as I like to say.  She lunges at you to give you a strong hug around the neck and pretty much knocks Lennon over every time she goes to give him a kiss and end up sucking his cheek off.  There is nothing delicate about the little girl.  Everything is LOUD and with a purpose.  Her voice is loud, her laughs are loud, her hugs are fierce, and her love is strong.  Gotta love Addie!!!!! She is truly a one-of-a-kind.  And while she frustrates the very heck out of me and I know will continue to do so for as long as I am around - I love her so tremendously so.  There could never have been a more perfect fit of a little girl for us. 

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The Gillefonds said...

Super post! Oh, Addie you definitely can be a doctor and a mommy- and you will! Congrats on the milestones so far you guys!