Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby Momo Countdown on one hand!!!

35 weeks today - 5 more weeks to go!!! The baby clothes have finally been washed and put in the drawers, bottles sterilized, blankets washed, etc - now that Christmas is over I can finally concentrate on getting ready for baby boy!

Happy 19 Months Addie!

Oh little girl - you are so smart and so sweet and I know you will be the best big sister ever! This is your last month as an only child - so, seriously - enjoy it!!!


Wow!!! On December 26th the snow and wind started and it didn't cease until there was 24 inches or more on the ground!!! Supposedly this was the 5th worst snow storm in NYC history. Our county got slightly more than NYC - we'd say about 26 inches. Everything was shut down the next day and we couldn't even get our doors open - we were seriously thinking about heading out through the windows!!! I have never seen so much snow in my life! We had to get Addie bundled up to take pictures of the snow almost as tall as she was! She didn't know what to think - but I think she thought it was pretty neat!!!!

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Jingle Feet!

Christmas Day 2010





The pictures speak for themselves....obviously Addie was a very good girl this year!!!! She was WAAAYYYY overstimulated by all of the toys - and as you can see in the first picture - she was ready to crash after about 1 1/2 hours!!!!
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Christmas Eve with the Yurcisins

This year BJ and I were unable to go home - flying at 35 weeks pregnant with a toddler was not something that I thought was relaxing or enjoyable. As much as I missed my family - it was nice to not travel and stay in my PJ's all weekend :) I also got to experience a traditional Slovak Christmas Eve dinner with BJ's extended family on the Yurcisin side. His grandfather Basil was from a huge family and every year all the brothers and sisters and their families meet in Roebling at the Legion for traditional Slovak food and Christmas songs. It was nice this year because we got to see BJ's cousin Ben and his new wife - and we got to introduce Addie to a whole new set of relatives. I got stuffed on peirogies and Addie had dancing to the songs and playing with Uncle Nick's walker :)

NY Children's Museum of Art


We stumbled upon a great find for a fun afternoon in the city. This little place has the perfect ingredients for a toddler's dream day: paint, goo, watercolors, music, books, chalk, glitter, glue, etc. Needless to say - it was hard to get Addie to leave after a few hours. This place definitely on our list for a return visit.
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Santa's Little Elf

Addie was a big hit when she wore her elf hat and went into Daddy's work to hand out the presents to his co-workers. She even had time to make sure Daddy's heart was still ticking :)

Christmas Cookies





I had a lot of fun making Christmas Cookies with Addie this year. We talked about the shapes of the cookies and Addie helped roll out the dough and put the sprinkles in the cookies - or "kinkles" as she liked to call them. It was a "first" in our XMAS traditions and I was happy to share it with Addie!!! She liked to eat as we cooked and then we both helped ourselves to a few afterwards, too!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Aunt Kathleen came in for her birthday weekend to visit and check out Maplewood. We got to see a momma and baby reindeer in the town village and took Aunt Kathleen for a fun lunch in Montclair, NJ.
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