Saturday, October 19, 2013

A little taste of how we spent our summer when we were not constantly leaving home....:)

They loved and yet feared the sprinkler...

Lennon loves Harrison's old car!

Harrison starting to love wearing baseball caps

Messy baby!

This is how we roll at Target - however this doesn't happen much because they act like crazy animals and start hitting and kicking each other - in between grabbing all the items of the shelf....

What a beautiful sleeping baby - look at those lips and eyelashes!

My early risers - 5:30 and 6:00!!!!

Trying to establish a Sunday church routine :)  Glad they have a babysitting room!!!

We try to get to Lifetime Fitness for the outdoor pool - it's a LOT of work for Mommy and everyone wants her to hold them!!  Lennon has to stay in the babysitting room because Mommy can't watch all 3 at once!

Movin' on Up - :)  He loves to face forward!

Wonder what he was thinking????  Now going with Daddy to the barber shop - big boy!

Mommy walked all 3 kids into town to get ice cream!!!!!  Yay Mommy!

Swimming lessons with Addie - a holy terror.  She HATES the water now and it's a fight every lesson to get her to try to swim.  But we are working on it!  This was one of her better lessons which is why I took pictures :)

Addie can be lazy some times - she doesn't like to walk.  Thank goodness the BOB holds 3 kids.  It's a workout for Mommy but after dinner the stroller walk seems to calm them down and buy me time before bed :)

Playing with some new Barbies and Mommy's old Barbies.  Addie's favorite thing to do with Mommy - and don't get me wrong - I love to play with her - but after she asks you to put on the 15th tiny outfit you start to wear out....  She needs to learn to dress them herself!

Ready for the party!

Yes - this is how we went to Trader Joe's in 90 degree weather.  About 4 layers and 15 accessories

Except we are missing a back.  And yes, I did make her put on pants before we left :)

This summer was CRAZY!!!  I literally think we were gone every other week.  We spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh after the Beach trip - trying to get the renovations done and oversee projects.  I felt like we were gone more than we were home.  I had a lot of fun with the kids when we were all at home together.  While they are still totally crazy  - it was fun to reintroduce summer favorites like sprinklers and the slip n slide.  We also joined a fabulous gym and tried to go to the outdoor pool when Mommy felt like she had the energy.  They are all still very very little so whatever I could think of to keep them entertained and calm - that was the goal this summer!!!!

Our first beach vacation.....

Vacation??!!!!  More like boot camp!!!  Oh holy hell was this a crazy trip.  We booked a beach house in ____near Point Pleasant with our good friends and neighbors.  They have 2 girls - so the house was 4 adults and 5 kids.  Unfortunately BJ had already taken his vacation time for the year and they were opening up their new Toms River office that week - so he was going back and forth from work to the beach house.  So that left ME to try and manage the kids at the beach.  We tried it on Day #1 and never again after.  It was DISASTER.  I realized there was no safe way to watch each child at the beach.  We discovered Addie had a true phobia of the ocean and screamed bloody murder if you took her anywhere near the water.  She wanted to stay in the dry sand area at 90+ degrees and just lay in the sand.  Harrison loved the idea of the ocean and wanted to be very close to it - but he required being held at all times.  Lennon would not stay in any contraption that I bought to keep him out of the sand - so he kept sticking his hand in the sand and eating the little pebbles....  Poor Erika and Craig were really trying to help me out - but they had their own children to worry about.  And to top things off - the workers on the beach were still trying to reconstruct the beach after the hurricane last year.  While we were trying to "play" on the beach - their were bulldozers moving sand back and forth.  And wouldn't you know...Addie, in her attempt to run away from Mr. Craig and get away from the beach, ran up right behind a bulldozer that didn't see her and was about to crush her.  Thank God he saved her and I have never seen him so mad at her not listening or her so scared out of her mind....  Yep - that did it- I would wait until BJ returned 3 days later and we could all go to the beach together -ALL that work and preparation for going to the beach that morning (and thank goodness the house was across the street) and it blew up in my face.  I realized that my pipe dream of relaxing in a chair at the beach with a baby by my side happily playing in the small pool I bought for him with Addie and Harrison merrily making sand castles by the water - WAS a RIDICULOUS notion!!!  There is no relaxing here.  And basically all my kids hate the beach.  So then I realized that our "beach" trip had turned into Mommy figuring out how to entertain the kids at the beach house and/or find some good parks nearby to keep them entertained because it was going to be a LONG week and my husband was not going to be around for most of it.  I think I did more stressing out, more cleaning, more laundry, and more yelling on that beach trip than I would have at home. The best part of each day was putting the kids to bed and then having drinks out on the back screened-in patio and collapsing into those comfy chairs.   Maybe we can revisit this in 5+ years :)  But the kids really had fun playing around the house and loved the boardwalk immensely
They found the "hat" chest

the perfect meal - a hoagie bun the size of my head

The castaway kids

I made sure to bring appropriate clothes - must be stylish at all times!!!

Those Ipads came in handy many a time :)

Harrison was in love with his winning from the boardwalk game - a life size Superman!

Our truly gorgeous rental home

First spaghetti meal!

Yummy pizza!

a FREEZING day at the boardwalk - need to get sweatshirts!

Yay - we SAVED the SHORE!!!!

Addie was in LOVE with these games - Daddy had to try like heck to win the prizes for her!

The last day - playing with mud