Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ahma and Paw-Paw Visit

We had such a good time when my parents came to visit.  We accomplished more than we had in the last few visits because the kids were a little easier to take around.  We got to Alstede Farms for apple and berry picking and the American Museum of Natural History.  The kids had a great time playing with Ahma and Paw-Paw and we were sad to see them get back on the plane to St. Louis :(

Thursday, September 22, 2011


BJ had a conference in Boulder, CO - basically the week after we moved.  No way I was staying home in an unpacked house with 2 kids!!!!  So we packed up everyone and headed to Colorado.  Both kids did well on the 5 hour flight - Addie had her own seat which helped tremendously. We didn't realize what a blessing the trip would truly be....we missed an earthquake AND Hurricane Irene!!!  We were essentially trapped in Colorado beyond our original date due to being unable to return home to NJ.  And thank goodness - since we didn't know the state of our new home - all we had were reports of no electricity, flooded basements, and no water in Maplewood.  We were happy to spend time in dry Colorado where the kids were safe.  It was a great trip - we started the family vacation part in Aspen which was GORGEOUS!!!  We took air gondolas into the mountains and Addie had a blast!  Then we stayed in Grand Junction, CO with the Hanly family (Eric was a fellow with BJ at Duke).  Addie had a wonderful time with Rachel, their youngest daughter.   We relaxed, ate wonderful home cooked meals, and visited the Arches National Park in Utah.  That was an awe-inspiring day.  I felt like I was on a completely different planet!!!  The natural structures were AMAZING and so absolutely gorgeous - Addie had fun trying to keep up with the older kids.  At one point we were trying to get a picture of Addie and we said "Say, Utah!".  Addie held up her arms and said "I'm tah with you!!!!!"  and then later "Me-tah!"  So cute!   We really fell in love with all that Colorado had to offer and it was humbling to see the Rockies and the Grand Basin in the near distance.  A great first family vacation as a family of 4! And the best part was coming home to an untouched home - nice and dry ;)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy 7 months Harrison!!!!

He is just the cutest little boy ever!!!!!!  He has a quirky smile that stretches a mile wide, a face that lights up from ear to ear,  "Sting" hair, a side-ways crawl, and an odd guttural grunt that signals when he wants attention or "more" of something.  He is very mobile and standing up on his own.  He started consonant babbling and his first word was "dada" which he says over and over.  He can wave "bye" on occasion and is very accurate with his gaze when you ask "Where is ... (mommy, daddy, Addie, Blue).  He still loves Mommy and Daddy's bed and can sleep through the night if snuggled up against one of us.  Otherwise - it's many trips back and forth if we try to have him sleep in the crib.  He loves making noise with objects and getting caught in the trickiest of situations.  He is attracted to electrical outlets, dog food bowls, rod iron tables, and stair landings :)

Bring it on!!!!

As soon as we got back from our trip to Colorado - Harrison started pureed foods.  Needless to say - he LOVES food!!!!  Every time he eats, he grabs the spoon, grunts, and makes the cheesiest smile.  We started with homemade pears, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples.  Yum!!!!  He is a happy little man and a delight to feed!!!!!  Although I now have twice the mess to clean up :)

In my crib - finally

So we moved to the new house and Addie got a new pink crib and Harrison went into Addie's old crib.  Although he still seems to make it into our bed every night - he is taking naps in his crib and at least attempting to sleep on his own :)  Mommy found the cute Curious George themed sheets at Pottery Barn and is excited to finally get the room decorated!!!!!!
It is so cute to see this little man pull himself up in the crib - he looks so little in the big crib!!!!

Little Miss Muffet

Addie has fallen in love with Mother Goose nursery rhymes.  Personally, I think they are morbid and odd - but she loves the sing-songy beat and the funny words.  Her favorite is Little Miss Muffet and she can recite it perfectly.  In this video - she sat down on a little bench at the park and started saying it (hard to hear on the clip- sorry) - but it was sooo cute!!!!  She is even going to be Miss Muffet for Halloween and Harrison is going to be the spider :)

Aunt Kathleen visits!

We had just moved into the new house and BJ had to go away for the weekend.  So Aunt Kathleen was kind enough to drive to our house and help take care of the kids while Mommy packed for our trip on that Monday to Colorado.  We all had a lot of fun and Addie enjoyed showing Aunt K the nearby zoo!!!!