Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

It doesn't happen often - but this morning we woke up to a little over 6 inches of snow! Took Addie out for a brief time to enjoy the beauty. Brought a little bowl of snow inside so she could have fun with this new phenomenon! Can't wait till she's a little older and we can go outside and play!

Standing tall....

As I had mentioned - shortly after crawling - Addie was trying to pull herself up to standing. The week she turned 8 months, she mastered it!! Now that's all she wants to do - pull herself up on anything and everything! She really loves her toys that have activities on a tabletop - and she rarely likes sitting on the floor and playing with her "old" toys. Its so cute to see this little thing standing up - she so adorable!!!!

Mama's got a new car!!!

I love it, I love it, I love it. Completely surprised and in awe still. I have wanted a SUV since I had a baby - don't know why - just thought it was the thing to do :) Now I have a seat warmer, leather seats, and all the comforts of a nice car with a ton of room. It purrs like a kitten and its mine, all mine!!!! Driving has never been this much fun! Its a 2004 pre-owned Infiniti FX35 and we got an AMAZING deal - but it feels completely new to me!

Happy 8 Months Addie!!!

Wow! Again - the month FLEW by! Addie is just absolutely amazing. She started crawling in early January - then a week after that she started to try to pull herself to her knees. Now she can pull herself to standing and even tried to walk a little!!! Whoa Addie - slow down!!! She also has her first tooth coming in. She's just a wonderful baby - so happy and full of life. She loves to explore and play with her toys and books. She has tons of cute little sounds and now she tries to sing and mimic our sounds/noises during play. She also is doing interactive play where she tries to feed us her food or give us her bottle - its SOOO CUTE! Can't wait to see what this month brings!

First Train Ride

So BJ and I took Addie to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, NC. After living in St. Louis for most of our childhood - this museum was pretty pathetic compared to the Science Center, Zoo, or Botanical Gardens. But it got us out of the house on a gorgeous day and we had fun together as a family. The only mistake was the train ride - it went around a circle 2 times with nothing but woods to see and an old man with a hideous southern accent as the conductor. The speaker was right in our face and we couldn't understand a word he was saying. I am sure Addie was wondering what the heck was going on - especially when we went into the tunnel. If nothing else - it is something to look back on - and laugh.

Rocking out....

Addie's first form of dance has become rocking. When she hears music she starts bobbing her head and rocking back and forth!

Singing in the crib

Although this is not her best example of singing - Addie started using her lovely voice for the purpose of singing at her baptism. Once the organ and church started singing - Addie decided to try her hand at belting it out, too!!! Ever since then, she tries to sing songs and match Mommy's pitch. Its so very cute!

Addie and Monroe

It was so nice to have all the families gathered together for Addie's Baptism and Shannon/Nayeli's baby shower. Faith and I were especially excited for Addie and Monroe to get together and play! Monroe was such a sweetie - she kept stroking Addie's face and hugging her. I know they will have a blast together when they are a little older.

Baptism 1/17/2010 - Granite City, IL

Wow! Two trips to St. Louis in 3 weeks time - we were spoiled. We had a whirlwind weekend in St. Louis and it was wonderful that so many family members came from out of town to celebrate baby showers and Addie's baptism! It was a very special day and wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends. Addie was a trouper and only cried once when the priest poured the water. She looked beautiful in her dress and loved the reception afterwards. Thank you to everyone who was there for the special day - especially Molly and Eric - her godparents :)

Bath Time!!!

I think we need to switch to the big tub. Addie takes up the whole sink and now she enjoys playing with her ducky and splashing water. Had to get these classic pictures in before its too late!

Playing with my toys - 7 months

Addie received a lot of toys for Christmas - but she was not too interested in them at the time. Now she likes blocks and toys that make sound or have wheels. A whole new world has been opened up to her! We discovered that she really likes remote controls and phones - so the other day I bought her a baby phone. She hasn't put it down since!

Addie's Love for Books

Since she was a tiny, tiny baby - she loved looking at the pictures in books. Now she can hold a book, flip the pages, and open the flaps on her board books. She can't get enough of books and she likes to sit in your lap and listen to stories - fantastic! - especially for a speech therapist mom :) And, of course, the book always goes in the mouth....

First Bow!

Addie has the finest hair ever - but there was enough growing in one spot that I could finally get a bow in. Even though it was flopping around -She truly looked like a little girl with her bow in her hair!!! I think I will wait a little longer till she has more hair to start wearing bows all the time - but it was cute for a photo op!