Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy 9 Months Harrison!!!!

A rare picture of him sleeping!!!!

I love you little man!  You brighten up our mornings with the biggest grin ever.  You are so sweet and happy-go-lucky.  You only weigh in the 10-15% but are 75% in height!!!  My tall, skinny boy!!!  You love to eat and try new food.  You love to stick your finger in my nose and mouth when I feed you which drives me nuts but it is also somewhat endearing :)  The sun rises and sets with Addie and you make it quite apparent that you adore her.  Sorry she can be a little rough at times!!!!  You are starting to talk and use a lot of gesture to let me know what you want.  I still don't have a "mama" yet!!!  But you say "dada" for everything!!!!  You are still into exploring and making a TON of noise!!!!

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