Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So one day after we got back into NJ and my close friends Erin and Molly came to visit for a few days.  I had soooo much fun - I really miss these girls!!!!!

Halloween Fun

A little sad that the kids couldn't go as planned:  Little Miss Muffet and her Spider.  But at LEAST we got to celebrate Halloween instead of hanging out in a hotel in NJ!!!!  We whipped up some last minute costumes at the Goodwill and it was so much fun having my family see the kids on Halloween and trick-or-treat in MY old neighborhood!!!!!

World Champions!!!!!!!


Baby Allison!

2011 BABIES!!!!

We spent an evening with BJ's family and Addie was so excited to see all of her cousins - especially the new additions - Parker and Allison!!!!  Addie had a blast running around with Monroe and Lilly and was super happy to see Katie at her soccer practice!!!  Harrison was very content being held by everyone and I am sure he will be running around with his 2011 cousins next year!!!!  The cutest thing is that I found out that Harrison LOVES babies!!!  He was so excited to see them and touch them!!!