Saturday, September 6, 2014

Easter at Ninety Acres

This was our 4th Easter at 90 Acres!  As always the kids had a lot of fun running around the outside.  Except it was very strict this year - couldn't sit near the fire, no chairs were out - staff was super cranky.  But we got some great shots again!!!!!!!

Easter Morning - in Cranford!

Our first Easter in the new home - and it was a success!!!!!  The kids liked looking for eggs in the new backyard and it was Lennon's first Easter taking part in the hunt!  He also tried a Peep which he did not like - at all.  But EVERYONE loved the basket goodies!  On the the candy craze all day!

A fun day in the city and an Easter Egg Hunt gone bad

An impromptu trip into NYC for a photo shoot op for Harrison - this was the face he made

Easter Egg hunt in the new town

I will never forget this Easter Egg Hunt  - we were in our new house and I decided to take all 3 on an Easter Egg Hunt while BJ was at work all day.  I made sure the kids were all in the same location - thinking I could keep an eye on them.  Once they released all of the kids - Addie ran off but quickly new where to find me to come back.  I carefully kept close watch on Lennon to not lose him amongst the other kids.  And Harrison.....well Harrison......he ran off and was too little and too absent-minded to remember where I was.  So there I was looking like a CRAZY woman yelling Harrison's name over and over with panic running through me - there was a least 200 children and he looked like all of them!  I thought that I had lost him forever.  THANK GOD for Addie and her line of view - who spotted Harrison through someone's legs - I don't know how we found him but we did.  I will never take all 3 in a huge crowd by myself ....EVER.....AGAIN....

At the new house...

It was a crazy mess at the new place.  You feel so disorganized, the children are crazy because their is no routine or familiarity, and you just don't have the time to put everything in it's place!!!!  Lennon liked trying to help daddy put together the new play tables.  We love this new home - it is a huge open concept on the first floor, everyone has their own rooms, and Mommy and Daddy have an awesome master suite.  The home is centrally located to the downtown, train station, the elementary school, and the Whole Foods going in in one year!  The only things we had to give up were a playroom and a guest room.  So the first order was to the the kids rooms all put together and divvy up their toys.  Addie got the big queen bed and her roomed turned out so cute.  Harrison requested a Batman room and Lennon has a fox-themed room.  From April when we moved to the 2nd week of June Mommy was picking up Deoni at her house every day and dropping the kids off at preschool.  There was soooo much driving back and forth that I was going mad!!!!  But I wanted the kids to continue with their same routine.  Harrison was affected the most by this move.  His behavior was off the charts and he no longer wanted to go into the preschool classroom.  Addie slept wonderfully through the nights in her big bed and Lennon was happy to have his own space, too.  Looking forward to school ending and putting the house together this summer.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Early Spring playing and pre-easter celebrations

Easter Egg Hunt at school!

Making a train!

Moving Day - Goodbye Sherman Place!

Pulling up!

Thank goodness Deoni was taking them all to school that day - they were quite in the way

The last picture we have of Deoni ;(  She left our family soon after the move and we loved her so much.  She was with us from Harrison being 10 months until Lennon was 21 months!  She was "Teoni" to Addie, "Nonni" to Harrison, and "No-No" to Lennon.  I truly don't know what I would have done without her.  She helped me out in so many ways and she will truly be missed.