Monday, February 9, 2009

First Winter in Chapel Hill

Just wanted to give a quick update. Time seems to fly by some weeks and then drag by with others.... The pregnancy is going well - 25 weeks and counting! My tummy gets bigger every day and now I can feel and see the baby kicking - pretty amazing. She already has her room set up and the changing table is filling up weekly with cute little clothes. It's so much fun to prepare for a little girl! Every day brings something new and exciting - I feel really good and am able to enjoy being pregnant and bonding with the baby.

We are loving the weather here in North Carolina! We had one day of snow on Inauguration Day - 5 whole inches!!! The city shut down and I received a call from work saying that I didn't have to show up! Can't remember the last time I had a "snow day". Other than a few chilly days - we have been enjoying the 50s and 60s. We bought a hammock and have been truly relaxing on the weekends. Our backyard is so peaceful - you can really look up and see the gorgeous trees, hear the birds singing, and maybe even see a hawk flying by!

We have a few trips planned for the upcoming months - hopefully I will feel up to it! We are going to Walt Disney World in early March for BJ's Duke conference. I am looking forward to eating well and laying out in the sun :) The next weekend I am off to St. Louis for a baby shower and BJ is going to a "guys weekend" in San Juan, Puerto Rico. What a stark contrast that weekend will be!!!