Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy New Year and welcome 2013

Not a big New Years for us - just hanging out at home and a little sparkling cider with the kiddos!!!  They made some party hats :)  Here's to a new year as our complete family - it will be nice not to be pregnant and to get in shape again.  This year will bring 2 kids in preschool in the Fall and maybe a little more sanity will come to Mommy :)  May everyone be happy, healthy, and content :)

Happy 5 Months Baby Lennon!

Besides getting bigger each week - Lennon had a great month!  Despite the stomach bug and some colds - he was a happy camper most of the time.  Sleeping wasn't so good because of the colds - but that is to be understood - just makes for a tired Mommy and Daddy.  He celebrated his first Christmas and went on some holiday outings with the family.  He is so very aware of all of his surroundings and loves to watch what his brother and sister are up to.  He has the best smile and laugh and really likes to play with some baby rattles and his Sophie doll.  His is trying to roll onto his side and likes floor time when he is able to - without Addie and Harrison trampling him!!!  He is still very easy going and is developing a little attachment to Mommy - but not like Harrison was.  He prefers to sleep on his own and likes anything you put him in to play - Bumbo, bouncer, floor, etc.  His hands are ALWAYS in his mouth or reaching out for something to grab.  And he loves to suck on his fat little fingers!!!!!! As you can tell from the pictures - he's just a jolly little man!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

So the morning started when Harrison woke up - which is the norm around  here.  Once 6 a.m. hits - you know he will be up soon!!!!!  The kids were very excited and we were too.  Oh so much fun opening presents!!!!  They were pretty good taking turns opening presents and when all of them were opened - Addie wanted to know if there were more.  Lucky for her they had their train table, teepee and Pony Castle down in the basement.  Everyone had a great day and loved all the presents.  Addie particularly liked her new Belle dress which is what she asked for the year before but it tore after 1 week.  This year Santa bought a sturdier one and Addie hasn't taken it off since :)  That evening we went to our neighbors house and celebrated with cake and drinks.  We were woken up at midnight with Harrison throwing up violently - which was the start of the Norovirus that swept through our family and what is still making us sick today and the date is January 25 !!!!!!!!