Wednesday, November 20, 2013

August 2013

In an attempt to catch up to the current month, November - I will do all of August in one post.  It was a busy month filled with a Pittsburgh trip, a girls weekend, and the last attempts at soaking in the last weeks of summer before 2 of my kiddos start preschool!!!!!!!  Unfortunately these pictures are VERY out of order - sorry!
Eating and drinking like a big boy!!!!  Loves noodles and pasta sauce :)

Sibling time on the ol' sofa - snacks included

Lennon loves eating whole apples!!!!

Funny pose :)

At Paul and Gwen's place - Harrison loves the chickens!!!!

Addie with her Addie-tude


Their 18 month and 12 month visit together :)  Lennon was 24 pounds and 30.5 inches.  Harrison was 29.5 pounds and 36 inches.  WOW!!!

Spikey new hair growth!!!

Love my girls - great weekend in NYC - the Dead Rabbit!

Listening to "La Vie en Rose" at the Bemelmans Bar

Hanging out with her best friend

Watching Addie and Harrison play outside

Hoodie morning!

Mommy's crazy plan to take the kids on a bike ride - lasted all of 2 minutes with 30 minutes worth of work!!!!

Trying to get Addie to swim and put her face in that WATER!!!!

Movie night with popcorn!!!  Lennon loves the popcorn!

Sharing a chair :)

In Jersey City!

Yummy ice cream cones in JC

First whole ice cream!

This is how she wanted to pose :)

Dressing up at Kidz Village

Trying hard to move those legs on that bike!  Still can't move forward!

My girl

Addie headed to her week of Preschool Camp at Morrow (first time eating lunch away from home!!!!!!) - and Harrison going to his Mommy and Me swim class


Stickers and Mommy's flip flops

At my speech class! - Miss Anna

Lunch date with Mommy at Panera

Date night!!!!!

Outdoor swimming at Lifetime - exhausting for Mommy!!!  2 kids clinging on to me for dear life!!!! 

Roller skating date with BFF and the mommies!!!!  First time  on skates!!!

Love the smile on this kid!

He loves his sunglasses!  Had to wear his speech bag too - just wants to be a BIG BOY!!!!

Just bought new school shoes for A & H and first shoes ever for Lennon!!!!  He takes after Addie and need a very WIDE shoe.  These kids have big feet!!!!

Pool party with Aunt MaryAnn

Crooked smile