Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pregnancy Update

29 weeks this week! I was just thinking about the complete differences between my 2 pregnancies. Of course with Addie I thought the 9 months went by sooo slow. I kept track of each week and what was happening in my belly, completely avoided all caffeine and "bad" products, and was waaayyy over-prepared with the buying of clothes, crib items, etc. I worked during the day and then at night - lived on the sofa, pampering myself and pouring over baby magazines and "What to Expect". I felt very connected with Addie and knew all of her little hiccups and moves inside my belly. I could tell you the exact week that I felt something new that she was doing. Her name was chosen about 5 years before she was even conceived!I also had so many GI symptoms the whole way through and my cravings were cold fruit and Sour Patch Kids. Yum!

With THIS little one - it's completely different. This pregnancy has whizzed by because I haven't really been keeping track of it. Which is the complete opposite of what I intended - but nonetheless having a one year old at home doesn't leave time for much nostalgic pregnancy moments. No baby book has been purchased yet (Addie's was 1/2 complete months before she was born!), I just bought clothes at the consignment shop last week, and he doesn't even have a name or place to sleep yet!!!! I drink a cup of coffee and 1 coke each day and sometimes indulge in a glass of wine at dinner. My cravings are meat and comfort foods. I have gained much less with this pregnancy because I am so active with Addie and picking her up alone is 26 lbs each time!!! The only symptom I really had was back and hip pain for the first trimester. And I feel completely unprepared - yet completely prepared for this baby - if that makes sense. Maybe I realize that everything is going to be okay and that you don't need all of those things at home to take care of a baby. I spent 26 hours in labor with Addie, so this time around it has to be shorter and less painful - right??? :) And that baby book will eventually get written in, a name will be chosen, and that cute little bundle will be in my arms in about 10 weeks. Right now my main focus is on my first little baby and making sure that I spend as much time with her as possible while it's just "us".

Addie Loves Pizza!!!!

Addie at 16 Months: Animals and Body Parts

These boots were made for walking....

And....unfortunately she can't walk in them - but they look cute!!!! I thought it would be nice to have some rain boots for the fall and Addie LOVES to put her boots on her feet - but they have no bend in the ankles and she can't walk very far in them! Oh well - she must learn about the price you pay for fashion :)

Addie's Future Alma Mater

While my parents were in town in October - we met up with BJ's aunt and my aunts in Princeton, NJ - Addie's future Alma mater. We picked up an early application and everything :) Here are some pictures of that beautiful fall day in a gorgeous town.

Addie Update

Wow! 17 1/2 months!!! These last few months have blown by again. My little peanut is so much fun and I love hanging out with her. She is just SO smart (not to sound prejudice at all) and I am amazed every day at her new skills and vocabulary. She mostly speaks in 2 word phrases now and I pretty much get everything she is trying to tell me. At the end of the day we sum up all of the activities from the day and it is so cute how she tries to tell me back stories. For example: our latest trip to the zoo. Addie: " And monkey....and daddy...and hat...and mommy...and horse...." - and the list keeps on going. Lately her favorite thing from the moment she wakes up is labeling all of the objects in her environment - maybe it's just to check and make sure they are still called the same things as the day before :) She loves to sing now and her favorite songs are "Sunny Day" (Sesame Street), "Elmo's Song", "Wheels on the Bus", and "Tick Tock, I'm a Little Cuckoo Clock". Of course she only sings about the first few words - but it is so cute to hear her little voice - especially in her crib when she is supposed to be sleeping! She is in love with Sesame Street now and we watch a little in the morning and in the evening when I am cooking dinner. BJ and I both realized how truly educational this show is for little ones. Addie is in love with numbers and letters and really trying to learn them. Her swimming classes are a little better - She is not to afraid of the water and tries to kick her legs and arms a little more each time. We are going to continue with the Baby 1 class for one more round and then hopefully she will be ready for the next class. Lastly - she loves her baby dolls and taking care of them i.e. feeding, diapering, putting in stroller, etc. Hopefully this will continue and she can help with the new baby!