Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween: My pirate, robot, and cow

I can't believe that Halloween really happened this year.  First it was supposed to be in St. Louis, but Sandy got our flight cancelled.  Then it was moved to 2 days later.  But the town was still a mess so the Preschool and the town of Maplewood finally had it the Monday after Halloween.  So Addie got her Halloween parade at school in and we trick-or-treated at the town celebration on the main streets.  Addie and Harrison had fun answering the door later that evening for a few kids that braved the messy streets to go door to door.  We still haven't had a REAL Halloween yet since our kids have been born - here's hoping for next year!!!! 

The Perfect Storm of 2012

Oh Hurricane Sandy - what a crazy woman you are...  So we move here in 2010 and shortly after we had about 3 ft of snow right after Christmas 2010 and then Hurricane Irene came ripping through NJ tearing down trees and causing flooding in August 2011 and then a freak snowstorm Halloween 2011 brought down even more trees and powerlines and causing the whole town to be without power and gas.  So exactly one year later for Halloween 2012 - I couldn't believe the same thing was about to happen again - and worse.  Hurricane Sandy came through the NYC/NJ area on Oct 29 and brought with her 90+ MPH winds and rain.  That Monday night was the scariest night ever.  I tucked the kids in their beds and just sat downstairs and freaked out every time the loud wind came crashing up against the house.  The windows rattled, the house moved - it was super scary and I was so happy to wake up the next day with everything and everyONE in one piece.  The devastation to surrounding areas - Staten Island, the Rockaways, downtown NYC, and the Jersey Shore was astounding.  Thank God we were okay - no damage and no power lost.  The town of Maplewood was without power for about 2 weeks and many homes were damaged with all of the trees down.  Everything stopped for about a week and people were living in churches, etc.  Halloween was cancelled and moved to the following Monday.  It was a crazy week.  Our trip to St. Louis was cancelled - so we just sat at home and played with the kids.  No one could go anywhere!  Gas was being rationed - the grocery stores were on 10% generator with the shelves bare.  It was nuts!!!!!!


My boys at the wedding - looking dapper!!!!

So much fun on a hotel bed!

Love :)

Old firepit still there!!!!

We finally got back to Pittsburgh!  We hadn't been there since Addie was about 5 months old.  We had a wedding near Butler, PA - but stayed in the city one night and visited the South Side and our old haunts before heading to see our friends Gwen and Paul and their little boys.  We still own our home in the South Side and had to go visit it to see what work needs to be done before we sell it in the spring.  Needless to say the inside did not look the same after 3 boys are now living in it.  Broke my little heart.  But we got to take a picture with all of us on the front steps :)  The rest of the trip was great - the kids did AWESOME on the car rides thank GOODNESS!!!!  We had to cut our trip short, though because of the impending "Perfect Storm" headed through NJ - got home just in time!!!!