Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Addie June!!!

Wow - what a joy to have a little girl!!! I had so much fun picking out toys now that she is into pretend play. The best part was picking out the tutus!!!! And the pink tricycle (still waiting on that delivery). And her mermaid-themed party (next Sunday). Oh - and I also found the personalized "Captain Zoom Birthday Song" from when I was little on the internet and purchased one for "Addie". She even got her annual personalized birthday t-shirt with the numbered year and this year it was Minnie Mouse. The high chair was tossed in the basement and today she sat in her first ever booster seat at the big table. Her favorite toys from this birthday celebration were the garden house, the Little Tikes Coupe car, her doctor's kit, her play laptop, her Mega Blocks, and her water table. She was exhausted when she finally went to bed that night. The entire day was spent laying inside and outside, flitting around like a butterfly princess, and eating pizza and special birthday cake for dinner. I had a smile on my face as the day ended. It was exactly as I had wanted her special day to go.

Last day of being 1

Okay - I have to admit - I shed a lot of tears in secrecy this day. It's a big deal to me - my baby turning 2!!!! I made sure she and I had a lot of one-on-one time and sang her special Adelaide song that I made up the day she was born. She was very very excited to have her birthday the next morning and it was so fun for me to plan it because she really got the idea of celebrating!!! Here in the picture she is trying to hold up 2 fingers :)

Dr. Harrison Yurcisin

Our friends Ryan and Angela sent this great onesie to us...thank you!!! It's sooo cute :)

Early birthday present from Ahma and Paw-Paw

We took advantage of the gorgeous evening and BJ was so kind to put together Addie's new outdoor house. She had just as much fun playing with it as trying to help Daddy put it together!!! What a cute playhouse and I know it will be enjoyed by both kids for years to come :)

Harrison 16 Weeks

Well the little man definitely found his voice!! He is loud and loves to "talk" to you or any inanimate object! He seems to have a lot to say....


Addie and Harrison have playmates their own age!! We had a good time hanging out one night.

The comforts of my ear

Harrison nurses himself to sleep by holding his little ears. It's the cutest thing ever!! Supposedly BJ did this when he was a baby, too :)

Announcing my Mermaid Birthday Party!

High Waters

Wow - spring was CRAZY here! Four straight days of torrential rains and the first time in many years that the creek behind our house flooded....

More Cute Harrison :)

His smile just gets cuter and cuter every day! His ears move, his eyes sparkle, and the little crooks of his mouth have this cute devilish grin. He's gonna be a heart breaker one of these days! Watch out girls! Oh, and we captured his first pair of jeans, too.