Monday, October 20, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 - Pittsburgh and Buffalo

Our car ride configuration

Dancing at Gwen and Paul's

A fascination with collecting worms

Looking at all of his worms!

Always a peaceful and wonderful trip!!!

The May babies!

A dog bigger than him!

Too sticky!
Addie had been asking to go to Pittsburgh for her birthday since she was leaving Pittsburgh last year on her birthday.  Since we had just moved to our new house - BJ gave her the option this year of a drivable trip for her birthday - Buffalo or Pittsburgh.  She chose Buffalo.  However when our realtor FINALLY let us know that our HOUSE HAD SOLD in Pittsburgh and that the closing would fall near Memorial Day Weekend - it was a win-win - we were going to do both!!!!!  We had so much fun as always hanging out in Pittsburgh and finally releasing ourselves of that house.  The kids got along famously well and then we headed to Buffalo for family time!
After eating some famous Buffalo wings at the Anchor Bar!

Too.  much. fun

The kids love this backyard and playing with Ian!

Love this photo - BJ found a baby frog!

My girl - just before she turned 5!!!!

Had a AMAZING time with the kids at their first carnival!

They honestly had so much fun!

LOVED the roller coaster and rode it about 5 times!

A cotton candy nightmare

My heart

Mommy climbed in for a whirling ride - yuck!!!!

Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without the Legion

 Love this photo!  And Uncle Bob photo bombing!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nona and Pop-Pop visit

The kids got to have Nona and Pop-Pop all to themselves and had so much fun!!  Mary Ann also arranged a special family get-together for everyone at her new home.  Basil really enjoyed reconnecting with some family members he hadn't seen in a while!