Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last day of preschool for Addie - Summer has begun!

Addie's favorite - "The HILL"

Already????  Didn't she just start preschool?  Didn't we just take a picture in front of the school by the sign and talked about the first day and how to hang a backpack up and how to not be shy and that Mommy was just a phone call away?????  Now she looks slightly bigger in front of that sign and there is no more timidness - just sadness that she is going to miss her friends and her teacher and her school - all the things that became such a huge part of her little life this year.  These playmates aren't just her friends - they are her SISTERS (according to Addie) - and they have tea parties every day and boss around the boys who are busy playing spy.  Her last day of the 3s class was very sad for me.  I had to say goodbye to Mrs. O'Connell who had become the 2nd "mother" to Addie and then I looked at the card she made for Addie and the picture was of her first day of preschool.  She looked like a tiny baby!!!  And here I thought she was soooo big.  What a wonderful school - what a wonderful way to start the beginning of her education - the beginning of her slowly growing into her own person outside the home.  Although I tried to explain to Addie many times that she was finishing up the 3s class and she wouldn't see some of her closest friends again - of course she didn't get it.  She said "bye" to her "sisters" (her dress up pals) - and it was as if she would see them next week.  Oh well - we shall be back in the Fall - ready to meet new friends and have new experiences!