Monday, January 31, 2011

Last hours of pregnancy....




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Another Helping of Snow!





This time it was 18 inches - but already piled on top of 10 + inches - it made for quite a sight! We have snow hills everywhere!
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Happy 20 Months Addie!

AAHH!!! The big 2-0???? 4 months till 2 years old??!!!! And she is already acting like she's 2!!! My little baby is no longer a "baby" - she is truly a full-fledged toddler. Addie has the most amazing imagination and loves playing with all of her toys - pretending to have tea parties, making cookies, feeding dollies, etc. She LOVES Annie circa 1982 and pretty much has all of the songs memorized. If you start one of the lines she can finish for you!!! Her favorite is the "Sandy" song - I think she really likes saying the word "BUT". She is now completely talking in 3-4 word sentences and using complete sentences as well!!! "This is a ___" She uses pronouns like "us" and is really into letter and counting. Genius!!! Everyday is something new with her and I love it!! She has her tantrum moments and she still loves to throw her food off of her tray onto the ground at meals - which makes me FURIOUS!!! But I have to admit that the rest of the time she is an angel and the sweetest little thing ever. She is very in tune to people's emotions and loves to make sure you are not "sad" and quick to offer a hug and kiss. I have no doubt that she will be the best big sister ever.

Monday, January 24, 2011

39 Weeks

It's been a long road...well, I say that now. The first 7 months FLEW by due to the move from NC and relocation to NJ. Taking care of a toddler at home helped to pass the time. Then I got HUGE at 8 months and have been waiting to meet this little boy ever since. I truly do love parts of being pregnant - the mere fact that a little being is growing in my belly is AMAZING and those first moments when you feel the baby moving inside is truly special. he is HUGE and I can't sleep anymore - so, get out!!!!! :) This may be our last pregnancy and I should be relishing every little pregnancy moment- but you just get to that point where you are DONE. I am actually going to be excited when I feel that first twinge of labor pains coming on. I know what to expect now - and it's not pretty - but bring it on! I am ready to be a family of 4!

Here We Go Steelers!!!

Our family showing our Black and Gold pride...

Interview with 19 Month Addie

I am sooo cool!

Addie just received her first pair of sunglasses - she wears them ALL the time!

Ready for Momo

Addie tests out the new double stroller - she likes it!!!

Baby Momo Surprise Shower!

What a great evening! BJ's co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower at my FAVORITE restaurant, Bona Vita Osteria, in Millburn, NJ. The decorations were wonderful and it was so nice to see everyone. The food was amazing and they organized fun baby shower games - including sniffing baby diapers to guess the melted chocolate bar! I was overwhelmed with the outpouring of gifts and well wishes. It was a night that I will remember and a great celebration to end a long pregnancy!

Imagine That! Museum




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We met Addie's new friend, Heidi, and her parents at a great pretend play center. Addie and Heidi had fun playing with dolls, tap dancing, and dressing up like doctors :)