Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcoming our Lennon Porter!!!! Born July 30, 2012 at 12:01 p.m. Weighing 8 lbs 9 ounces and 21 3/4 inches long!

Wow - what a day - and nothing at all like I had expected.  Was I stupid????  Thinking a c-section would be easier than a vaginal delivery?????  Yes.  I had no choice in the matter because even though Lennon had moved to a head down position - he was still deemed an "unstable position" because he wasn't in the birth canal and he was a very large baby.  But I thought that no pushing and no contractions equaled an easier recovery - stupid me!!!!!  BJ and I arrived at Overlook Hospital at 9:00 a.m. and I changed into the hospital gown and got hooked up to the monitors, IVs, etc.  The funny thing was that I had actually gone into labor that morning (hence the reason for walking the floors at 3 a.m.) - and was having regular contractions on the monitors.  So I guess Lennon was ready to make his appearance.  Around 11:30 or so they escorted me into the OR - I remember everything was so very bright and sterile looking - not the place you really want to welcome your new baby.  Everything after that was just a rush - the spinal, laying down on the table, prepping the area for delivery, putting the curtain up, the oxygen mask, feeling nothing below my ribcage, a little anxiety setting in, then feeling TREMENDOUS pressure as the were pulling the baby out, hearing his first cry, and then seeing his chubby little face next to mine.  It was so crazy - everything.  Thank goodness the hospital advocated skin-to-skin contact immediately - so the pediatric nurse held the baby next to my cheek at the surgeons spent the next 40 minutes or so sewing me back together.  That baby helped me through all of that thank goodness.  After that - I remember the spinal wearing off and being in sooooo much pain - it was hard to find any meds that could make it go away.  The next 24 hours were just a blur - Lennon was exhausted and I was in and out of pain and sleep.  I soon realized this c-section thing was a big surgery!!!  Why in the world do celebs choose this option - they are crazy!!!!!  It was like knives just trying to go to the bathroom!!!!  I left the hospital after 4 nights and I was still in no shape to do anything.  I was just happy I had 2 weeks of visitors.  I must admit I was very scared to come home to my 2 wild toddlers and how I would have the energy to keep up with them and a newborn!!!!  Thank goodness I had 5 days of snuggling and bonding with Lennon - he was just the most precious little baby and so quiet and serene.  It was instant love-  again :)  And the best part was that he was a perfect combination of traits of Addie and Harrison

The day before Lennon arrived....

Just chillin' on the sofa with snackies and a show

Bathroom preggo pose!!!!!

Wow - wiped out and notice the cookie in hand - and on face

Last time sitting in this seat in the car!!!  Movin' on back!

3 am preggo pose

3 am !!!!!!

We wanted to get one last hurrah in as a family of 4 - so we headed off to NYC the day before my scheduled c-section.  We had a great day at the Childrens Museum of Arts - especially fabulous at their new location.  It was great to see both Addie and Harrison enjoying the play - I think their favorite part was the room full of bouncy balls :)  That night I just couldn't sleep at all - decided to take a few last shots of the last time I would ever have a baby belly :(  or :)  Not sure how I feel about that.  The smile on my face indicated happiness to see Lennon and thank goodness the EXTREME uncomfortableness of such a huge belly would soon be gone.