Thursday, October 29, 2009

5 Months!!!!

HOLY COW!!!!! Where does time go? My baby is almost 1/2 a year old. She turned 5 months this week and exactly on Oct. 27th she sat up by herself!!!! What a big girl! I love the picture that looks like she is saying "Ta Da - I'm 22 weeks!!!". She is such a little sweetheart - she loves putting everything in her mouth, using her hands to touch all textures, touching our faces when she takes a bottle, and really chuckling when something is funny to her. She is the light of our lives :)

Kyle and James' Wedding

BJ and I headed to Charlotte, NC to attend a wonderful friend's wedding. It was a gorgeous fall weekend and the wedding was fabulous. We also got to meet up with our dear friends Ryan and Angela from Seattle. Thanks to Andrea's parents - we were able to get away for the whole weekend sans baby!!! It was nice to get dressed up and hit the town :) We can clean up pretty good! Oh, and yes - we went bowling at the end of night!!!

Satisfying Mommy's love of green and her desire to put Addie in these green leggings, shoes, and wear a bow....

Dressing up is fun!

Now that Addie is a little older and its Fall - the choices of clothing are so much cuter! I have been waiting to put her in the cute little red knit dress- notice the white leggings :) I could have just eaten her up in that outfit!!!!

I am 21 weeks old and am tired of sitting on this sofa next to a sign that I can't even read....

20 Weeks

Almost 5 months old!!!! I am now a pro at rolling over to my tummy and I can prop myself up on my arms and look around the room. I am not a fan of lying in my bouncer or getting strapped into my carseat anymore since I just love to sit up in a seat or see the world from my belly. I am also getting quite a personality and laugh at Blue walking by or Mommy and Daddy making silly faces or just walking in the room. I just keep getting cuter and cuter each day!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Lil' Punkin' in the Pumpkins!!!

I love a good photo op!!!

Addie first thing in the morning :)

Our little sleeper

Hope she's not like this when she is a teenager!!! (but I have a feeling she will be :) )

Addie's First Time Eating Solids!!!!

Go Steelers!!!

Okay we still like the Rams - but let's face it - they aren't so hot right now. Being a resident of Pittsburgh for 5 years made us truly appreciate the great football team. Here is Addie and Daddy showing off their team spirit!

Visit from the Girls!!!!

Anne and Molly came to visit Columbus Day weekend - so nice to have friends visit. We have so much fun shopping, eating, and hanging out with Addie!


BJ and I had a night on the town!!! We went to the U2 concert and it was amazing. Great music and good times :)

Cardinals Cheerleader

Although they couldn't make it through the playoffs - Addie was still rooting for the home team - maybe next year!

Addie's First Pair of Jeans

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Addie's First Documented Roll To Tummy

Looks like all that practice in St. Louis paid off!! The very next day (Addie was 17 weeks) she started practicing rolling over to her tummy and then to her back again BY HERSELF!!!! Now, 2 weeks later, she's an old pro at rolling to her tummy. In fact, we now find her on her tummy in the morning. She's a tummy sleeper like her mommy :)