Friday, May 31, 2013

"All dressed up in my suit and tie..."

Yes - he's going to be a heartbreaker - watch out ladies!

Lennon's Baptism

Finally - it happened!!!!!  After months of cancellations, sickness, etc - just trying to get to St. Louis for the baptism - I just joined the church here and thank goodness both godparents were free the first Sunday after lent.  Emily and Jeremy spent the weekend here and we had a nice little celebration.  Unfortunately it wasn't as special because the whole family couldn't be here - but at least I got Lennon's baptism in before he turned 1 !!!  He looked so adorable in BJ's christening gown - the same one that Harrison wore at 3 months that drowned him!!!!  Lennon was such a great baby throughout the whole ceremony and I seriously almost cried when he was baptized because he was just so peaceful and content looking at the priest while the water was poured over his head.  I just adore that little boy.  No crying, nothing.  The funniest thing about the ceremony was the fact that Lennon was in tights and a slip and this gown - so when the priest came by to bless Lennon in the beginning - Addie asked "So is Lennon a girl now???"  Cracked me up!!!!!!!

Look at those eyelashes!!!!

Watch out Justin Timberlake!!!!

Addie walking amazingly well in Emily's high heels

Happy Easter!!!!!!

Love the hands in the pockets!!!!

Day before Easter - egg hunt at Addie's preschool friend's house

So funny - Lennon uses his middle finger for everything!

Passed out - sugar drunk
It was a good Easter this year - so fun watching Addie and Harrison get so excited over their baskets and the hunt for easter eggs filled with jelly beans in the back yard.  As usual they consumed WAAYYY too many sweets that day!!!!  We somehow got everyone dressed up and managed to have our neighbors take a few pictures in the front!!!!  Harrison looked so cute in his first little suit.  I think he felt like BJ and didn't want to take off his jacket or vest at the end of the day! We had our traditional brunch at 90 Acres and the kids were pretty well behaved for the most part!