Thursday, April 29, 2010

An interview with Addie

Quite excited that I was able to capture so much in one video!!!! Laughing, clapping, talking, dancing!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Starting to Walk!

This week I took Addie outside and we practiced our walking skills with her little Hippo walker. I have never seen her soooo proud of herself! She was beaming from ear to ear. It was the first day that she was able to cruise around the inside and outdoors on foot!

Fun Pictures!

During our trip to Baltimore - we stopped at Fort McHenry. We sat Addie down in the grass and tried to teach her how to blow those whispy dandelions. She tried so hard - but her favorite part was trying to eat it!

Baltimore Trip

BJ had a conference in Washington, DC - so Addie and I met him in Baltimore for a nice little weekend getaway. We had such a great time! We stayed in Fells Point and enjoyed all the restaurants, shops, and pubs that the area had to offer. We felt like we were back in the South Side of Pittsburgh - except for the harbor! We dined on seafood all weekend - particularly the must-haves for the area: mussels and crabcakes! Everything was heavenly and Addie enjoyed a new palate as well. We visited the National Aquarium and Addie loved the big glass displays of sealife because she could hold on to the bottom ledge and "walk" sideways down the exhibit. Her language EXPLODED on this trip and she was pointing and commenting on everything she saw. It was a fabulous aquarium and BJ and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. It was nice to catch up with some members from my side of the family - Charles, Gloria, and Dan Dolan met us a the Rusty Scupper for lunch at the harbor. It was nice to catch up and have them meet Addie. Some other highlights of the trip were Babe Ruth's birthplace, Fort McHenry, and all the food we consumed :) (Slideshow of the trip will be posted on the right side)

Ready for baseball season!

Although she has no clue about the sport of baseball yet - or her daddy's true love for the St. Louis Cardinals - she wears her red proudly and looks pretty darn cute in a Pujols t-shirt!

Pool time!

Addie had her first pool experience. It was a warmer day and I decided to get her inflatable pool out of the box. I was quite proud of myself for figuring out the inflation option on our Wet/Dry Vac! I just put a little bit of water in the pool so Addie could splash around and play with her bath toys. She had a TON of fun! I thought she would since she loves her bathtime so much!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Girl

My favorite pictures of Addie at Easter

I must say - I took A LOT of pictures of Addie in her various outfits. It was one of the first occasions that she has been able to wear dresses and she looked so cute!!! The weather was also gorgeous in St. Louis and I wanted to capture the nice spring backdrops. I just look at these pictures and think how blessed I am to have such a healthy, happy baby - and she is so beautiful!! (As you can tell - we have new photo editing software on the computer - I think I had too much fun playing with the pictures!!!)

Easter at the Yurcisin's

It was a lot of fun to see Addie with her cousins this time. She was now #1) mobile and #2) less timid of being around all the kids!!! It was very cute to see Monroe and Addie hugging and kissing. They will have a lot of fun together when they are a little older - Faith and I will have to keep our eyes on them!!!! We were also so happy to finally meet Lillian May - Shannon's new little girl. At first Addie was excited to see a little baby - but then became quite jealous once she realized that her Mommy was holding another baby!!!!

Easter at the Malone's

Addie and I flew to St. Louis for Easter. Unfortunately BJ had to work the weekend and I took advantage of an extra day off of work to see the whole family. The plane flight was a little more difficult than it used to be. Addie didn't drift off into that wonderful slumber like she used to. Instead, I had to entertain her for 1 hr 45 minutes on my lap while at the same time keeping her from dropping things in the aisle and touching the not-so-baby-friendly man sitting next to us. But the trip home was worth it. Addie got to see all of her family, go to the Botanical Gardens, look adorable on Easter in her multiple wardrobe changes, successfully go on an Easter egg hunt, get her picture taken with the Easter bunny - and Mommy got worn out doing all of the above!!!!!

Happy 10 Months Baby Girl!!!

Uh-oh - we've hit the double digits!!!! What a fast month this has been!! Addie is growing up before our eyes and is quite the little ham! She loves making us laugh with her little antics and loud voices - and I mean LOUD!!!. That girl has a set of lungs on her! She honestly makes my ears ring sometimes!!! She also knows how to test our patience by continually getting into things that she knows she shouldn't - like the dog food bowl!!!!! She adds new words each week - but now they are 2-syllable words like "outside" and "banana"!!! Wow - she is AMAZING - even for an SLP mom. No walking yet - but that's fine with me. She crawls faster than I can walk! Addie is also fearless - she loves throwing herself all over the bed - and often tries to do nose-dives off the sofa (of course we don't let her when we can help it!). She continues to thrive at daycare and every time I pick her up she is a muddy/painty/foody mess from all of the exploring and craziness that she got into that day with her friends. Her favorite place is outdoors. She still likes to eat everything in site - the latest being dandelions. Good thing we live in a beautiful climate so we can be outside all of the time! Her other favorite place is a restaurant. She flirts with the waiters and they bring her cherries. She has quite the appetite and can down a whole slice of pizza or square of lasagna in a few seconds!!!! Needless to say - she is an absolute joy and we are having a blast watching her personality blossom!