Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pretend Play

About the week she turned one, Addie started doing pretend play. She loves to walk around with a bucket or bag on her arm (must be held up with her hand by her head) and say "Bye!". She also likes to pretend she is talking on the phone and says a bunch of gibberish and then ends with:"Bye-bye". She is so cute!

Final Birthday Celebration

Addie's birthday finally drew to a close on June 6th with her Wonder Pets-themed party in the park. Friends of ours from both work locations came and had a great time despite the 90+ degree temperatures. I think Addie's favorite part of the day was wearing her Ming-Ming t-shirt, being able to walk around with the big kids, and having "Happy Birthday" sung to her for about the 10th time!!!! Of course the day was a hit and Mommy had a lot of fun with the planning, decorations, outfit, and the homemade cupcakes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Girl Car Seat

As you can tell, the theme lately is "big girl" stuff. Addie has not liked the rear-facing car seat for a long time - but now that she is 1 year old, she can officially ride forward facing!!!! We thought she would enjoy this new view so much better - but it turns out that she just doesn't like being strapped in to a seat - period. Unless it's a high chair and food is involved :)

These feet were made for walking....

So we realized that Addie probably needed some new shoes now that she was walking - and the ones she was currently wearing were probably not the right size anymore. We took her to Stride Rite to get measured and found out her foot was a size 4 1/2!!! Since they didn't make 1/2 sizes in the "early walker" shoes - we bought her a SIZE 5!!!! Here is a picture of her new "big girl" shoes and a video of her great walking style. Enjoy!

Addie's Chair

It became apparent to me that Addie's favorite thing in the whole world was sitting in chairs. It was the first thing she wanted to do when she arrived at daycare. She loves to climb in and out of chairs and pretend that she is rocking. So, of course, we had to buy Addie her own chair for home. Needless to say, it has been her favorite and most treasured gift received thus far. She ADORES this chair and loves to bring all of her toys and books inside with her. I think it makes her feel like a "big girl".

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Dinner and Cupcake!

Finally we got to celebrate the day as a family. BJ got home from work and we went to a little restaurant in Carrboro and sang Happy Birthday to Addie!!! She didn't know what to think at first - but in the end - she loved her cupcake!!!

Birthday at Museum of Life and Science with Henry

Addie and Henry were born on the same day - so we only saw it fitting that they spent the day together!!! The farm animals were the big hit of the day. The cow even mooed at Addie!!! It was cute because they have a little idea of these animals and their sounds.

The Presents

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Adelaide!

Okay - I went overboard - but what mother wouldn't on her daughter's first birthday? The Wonder Pets' sign was hung, the presents all arranged below, cupcakes fresh in the fridge- I was ready!!!!! Addie woke up as if on cue at exactly her birthday time - 6:44 a.m.!!!! Unfortunately Addie had no clue what was going on and she was in a very cranky mood all day. But I guess what they say is true - the first birthday is really for the parents. We played with her new presents in the morning and then joined her birthday mate, Henry, and his mommy for a playdate at the Museum of Life and Science. Then when Daddy came home we went out to dinner and Addie enjoyed her birthday cupcake. I had a blast and I am sure that one day she will enjoy the 500 or so pictures that I took of this momentous event. The funny thing is that I was so emotional over this turning 1 thing and now that it is over - I feel like I can breath a sign of relief because for the next year, she's just ONE!!! No more taking weekly pictures or making sure that I capture every little "first" or hurrying to write everything down in her baby book. I feel like I can now sit back and watch my little baby grow into a toddler without a camera or video in my hand at all times. We made it to one - it was a wonderful year and I couldn't imagine our lives without our little bundle. She is the apple of our eye and the perfect combination of the two of us. This year went by so quickly and if I could have made a wish on her birthday candle - it would be to slow the next few years down a little :) Happy Birthday little Addie - thank you for bringing us so much joy and happiness.

Birthday with Grandma & Grandpa Malone

Thank goodness my parents came into town to help watch Addie while BJ and I searched for homes in New Jersey. They had a great time together - Addie practiced her new walking and standing skills and playing in her new little "house" acquired from our next door neighbor. When I got home - Addie celebrated the first celebration of her birthday week - opening up some presents, going out to lunch, and eating cake!!!! She had a wonderful time and really liked her new presents - especially the rocker elephant!

First Steps!

Addie began standing up unassisted a ton and took her first steps while Grandma and Grandpa Malone were in town!!! Now she's much better at walking, but take a look at her first steps!