Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At the farm with friends :)

 We headed out to a nearby farm with Addie's bestie - Camille and her mommy and baby brother.  The girls had a BLAST together and had the whole place to themselves!!!  They saw farm animals, went through a pumpkin patch, and took a ride on a tractor!!!!!  Good fall fun :0)

Here we go Steelers, Here we Go!!!!

 We are decked out in our Steelers gear!!!  We found a great pub to go to where Steelers fans unite and watch the games together outside!!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011


My baby clicking his tongue -  soooo cute!  (At least I think so)


Oh goodness - first walking - now the steps....


So Addie had a day when she was really sick - all she wanted to do was lay on the sofa, drink Pedialyte from a bottle, and watch TV.  So we rented "Dumbo" (old version) on TV.  It was the first Disney movie that Addie really connected with.  She fell in love with the mommy/baby relationship and bawled when Dumbo had to be taken away from his mommy.  She said "His mommy be right back with him? " over and over through the tears.  It broke my heart and I held her so tight.  At the same time I was happy that she understood what was going on and that she had empathy towards another being.  We watched that movie 8 times that day.  About the first 4 times she cried each time during the "Baby be Mine" scene - then she finally realized that the ending stayed the same and his mommy always came back to Dumbo - that made her happy and reassured.  :)

Addie update end of 28 months

I LOVE tomatoes!

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The last days of a "baba"

Baby blues

New "Hello Kitty" shoes

Showing of her "Hello Kitty" boots

Picked out her clothes

Wearing all of Daddy's accessories

Sick day - watched Dumbo
Oh - where do I begin!!!  She is my everything and my love - yet she frazzles and puzzles me every day!  I am having a hard adjustment from the sweet little baby girl to this almost 2 1/2 year old with her own thoughts, strong will, and struggle for independence.  One minute she makes me lose my temper and the next she is melting my heart with her "Oh, I love you Mommy - you my bestest".  She is ME - only at 16.  But - I still love everything about who she is turning into.  If you take out the moments of "terrible twos" - she is so caring, sensitive, and extremely bright - not to mention gorgeous.  She is all about being a princess and a dancer and loves to jump and dance about a room.  She talks NONSTOP and sometimes exhausts me from all the things she has to say!  She is very intuitive and soaks in everything that she learns each day.  I still get excited to see her every morning to see what "adventures" she will take me on that day.  Although I am still trying to figure out my new mommy role for a toddler - I couldn't ask for a better job.