Friday, March 25, 2011

Harrison Week 7, Last Week of Addie being 21 months

Lots of smiles from Harrison, Me pulling my hair out because BJ was busy at work and I had the kids from wake till sleep, and Addie just being her Addie self :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

She's already acting like a big girl...

So after a week of figuring out how to undress, put her own shoes on without help, and put on a jacket - Addie had playdate on Saturday. BJ and I had a blast hanging out with the parents and Addie and the little girl played all night long. It struck me at one point that I was actually enjoying uninterrupted adult conversation while Addie was off doing her own thing. She had passed the point where she no longer needed Mommy's constant attention or supervision and was completely happy to be playing with another little girl! She even chose to sit near her friend at dinner instead of next to me. I was sad but happy at the same time. This milestone came a little sooner than I had anticipated, but it was nice to have adult time without constantly checking on a baby (Harrison was sound asleep in his carrier) - I will enjoy this new phase until I have Harrison to look after :) Yet another reminder that my little baby is no longer a BABY!!!

My tomboy

Addie definitely has a little diva side - loves to dress up and put on jewelry - can't stand sticky food on her hands. But then there are those days that I swear she's a little boy! We had a 75+ degree day last week and Addie and I went to this big open green space near the park. Addie found a little stream, plopped down in the muddy water, and played for about an hour. She was having so much fun and I had to just not care about the clothes and shoes that were completely dirty and wet. I got amazing photos on my cell phone and some cute videos!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from 2 little leprechans!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Six week video

First Smiles from my handsome little guy

This is what makes my heart melt and all those sleepless nights worth it :)

My favorites this week...

Let's see... Addie watched Bambi for the first time, Harrison gave his first true smiles (pictures in another post), Addie picked out the Steelers outfit after 10 other attempts, Harrison weighs almost 10lbs, Addie loved her own "little carrier" for her baby, she was a "Coke Head", and we have the new IPad which Addie adopted as "my 'puter"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Harrison 4 and 5 Weeks

I am sooo in love with this little guy! Although he is much "needier" than Addie. He loves to nurse and sleep in his little Ergo carrier. Other than that - he is a little fussy and doesn't like to be left alone. So BJ and I are pretty much carrying Harrison all the time. He started to smile and coo this week (Week 4) - but haven't caught the cute smile on camera yet. I love his little croaks, squeaks, and grunts. Need to realize how quickly this newborn phase passes and try to savor each moment even though I am sleep deprived and a little cranky :) His night time wake up calls are around 1:30, 3:30 and then 5:45 ish. BJ and I just started sharing sleeping times with him since he has to be held all night. Ahhh - this too shall pass and soon enough we will be putting together his toddler bed and I will wonder where time went :(

Addie 21 Months

Wow - this little girl is definitely keeping us on our toes!!! She is like Jekyll and Hyde or Sour Patch Kids - sweet one minute and then little devil the next!!!! But I still love her to death and she is entertaining both date and night (late night - like 3 a.m.) - she is now talking in sentences most of the time. Like, at 1:30 a.m. - she will now say "Wake up Momma, I need a babba!!!!" She loves to sing and dance even more and really knows most of the words to "Sunny Day", "Tomorrow", and "Twinkle Little Star". We think she may have an imaginary friend named "Ami Fuffy" - because she is always asking where he is - and we have no clue who that could be....she will spend literally hours in her crib singing and talking to someone - so maybe that is who it is :) She is very into imitating what Mommy does with Harrison - including nursing - so she has a blanket and tries to "feed" her dollies :) She can count from 1-10 perfectly and 1-20 with a little assistance. She has had quite a few playdates at our house lately with little girls close to her age. With the younger little girl, Addie was quite a little bully - not wanting to share her toys, pushing, etc. But with the older girl - Addie was an angel - very eager to hug and show off her toys. However this little girl was acting out towards Addie and Addie got her feelings hurt. So the rest of the playdate Addie was yelling "No nice!" constantly :) At least we are learning about feelings. And finally - I must say Addie ADORES her little brother. She is ALWAYS gushing over him with kisses and hugs and likes to put his pacifier in his mouth when he cries. She has never really shown any jealousy since that first week and has openly and happily accepted him as a permanent member of our family. I hope this relationship continues :)