Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family fun - January

Love this little girl!

Typical scowl face

So cute - Lennon is always smiling at Mommy behind the camera!

At my 6 Month Appointment!

Not happy to be up from a nap- and yes - he slept in those glasses

The kids gave him all of his toys

Great shot!

OMG - Harrison is a duplicate of little BJ in this shot

1/30/2012 - Happy 6 Months, Lennon!!!!

I love these 2 fingers!

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Again - the pictures are all out of order - but it was a big month for Lennon!  He helped ring in 2013 with us, he learned to roll, he moved into a small crib in our bedroom, and he started babbling a ton!!! I can't believe he is already a 1/2 year old!  With having  2 other children at home - this baby's newborn experience was a quick whirlwind!  He is such a JOLLY little fellow and the best baby ever.  Despite crankiness when he got his first colds/stomach flu that month - he is just awesome.  He adores his brother and sister and watching their antics and outburtss.  Although Addie's love and attention are a little rough (our opinion) - he giggles and laughs and never cries when she is squeezing his cheeks or digging in his tummy in her attempts to tickle him.  He is such a chubber - already at 20 lbs - far bigger than any other baby we've had and in 12 month clothes.  His head is the perfect cantaloupe and his rolls go on and on.  He still looks a lot like baby Addie but his eyes and expressions mimic that of Harrison.  He loves his bouncer and jumps for over an hour!!!  He also likes to "scratch" everything to feel it.  Always with the hand open and closed.  He is a snuggle bunny and is just as happy with Mommy, Daddy or the babysitter - he is very content just being and having  fun.