Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another new car!

Well, I really really loved my Infiniti SUV but it was a gas guzzler and there were a few things about it that needed to be fixed eventually. With the news of baby #2 on the way, we decided we needed a bigger car so the kids and the carseats fit in one row and then we could actually drive adults in the car as well. We ended up trading in the Infiniti for an Acura MDX. It is a newer car (2007) and has all the bells and whistles - including a DVD player for Addie and a back up video camera!!!!! The best part is the room in the back and the extra row of seats that can pop up when needed. So now we can fit 7 people in the car comfortably - 8 if you want to be crammed in :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

I love mac n' cheese!!!

After a long day in Central Park - we headed to the Delta Grill for an early dinner. This place has amazing cajun food and one of their delicious sides is this heaping mound of mouth-watering mac n' cheese. Addie went nuts for this and ate pretty much the whole bowl!!!! She was quite the little ham-ball at dinner and had us laughing the whole time.

Central Park Zoo

This week our big NYC adventure was to Central Park and the Zoo. We took the train in again (only a 40 minute ride!) and walked around Central Park for awhile and then headed to the little zoo. We had so much fun!!! They have a great Children's Zoo and Addie's favorite part was getting to feed the sheep and goats. She was astoundingly brave and didn't mind sticking her hand in and letting them eat out of her hand. In fact, the father of an older boy used Addie as an example when his son was afraid to feed the sheep. She also got to see monkeys, polar bears, birds, penguins, and a bunny :)

PBJ - Japanese style

We went out for sushi the other night and they actually had PBJ rolls on the menu. It was basically peanut butter and jelly rolled up with sticky rice. You could opt for seaweed if you wanted. I wasn't sure what Addie would think of this new concoction - but she absolutely loved it!!! Maybe mommy needs to make these at home!


Since BJ has been off for a month - we have been trying to get in some little trips to NYC. Fridays are free admission to many NYC attractions - so we decided to go the the Museum of Modern Art. Again, Addie was awesome and loved seeing all of the people and beautiful colors in the museum. It was her first train ride, subway ride, and taxi cab ride!!!!

Addie and Lemons

One night for dinner Addie grabbed the lemon out of a glass of water. Her initial expression after taking the first bite was CLASSIC and BJ and I got quite a chuckle out of her trying to eat the lemon. I think she kept going with the act because we were laughing hysterically - but nonetheless I got some cute pictures and video out of it. She is such a little ham!!!

American Museum of Natural History - NYC

We took a break from the move-in process and headed in to NYC for the day to visit the Natural History Museum. What a fabulous place!!! Of course it was filled with tons of people and navigating with a bunch of kids in tow was a little challenging - but I think everyone had a wonderful time. Addie really like all of the sights of the city and the museum. We finished the day by eating at Katz's Deli and devouring their pastrami sandwiches and yummy pickles. A pregnant woman's delight! Here is a short video of Addie being "let free" at the museum. She loved to go up and point and everything!!!!

Moving to New Jersey and Fun with the Family

What a whirlwind few weeks of moving to New Jersey!!! We left on the eve of BJ's last day of work at Duke. We headed out at about 7 pm and with some traffic delays through the night - arrived in Maplewood, NJ at about 5:30 a.m. It was a little crazy with my SUV pulling BJ's car and the whole back of the car filled with boxes. Thank you darling BJ for driving the whole time as I would not have been a good nighttime driver. To make a long story short - the rental home wasn't exactly as we had thought and we have had a little more difficulty than we would have liked. But things are slowly working out and we are settling in to a very quaint and endearing town. Some of BJ's family members came to help out with the move and his sister, Tia, has helped watch Addie while we got the house settled. It was nice to move to a city and be surrounded by some familiar faces. It also helped Addie to have some playmates around so she wouldn't be as occupied with the things that she shouldn't be getting into.