Monday, May 21, 2012

The dreaded toddler bed

Oh yes - and Harrison LOVES the new bed - he can climb up on it!!!!

So Addie had been having difficulty in her crib at nap time for a few months.  She would scream, jump up and down, peel the pink laminate off of the rails, try to climb out, and peel the wall decals off.  Yeah - it was a messy scene every time you went in the room.  We all agreed it was probably time to switch her to a toddler bed.  I had mixed emotions about this change.  First - it was a BIG GIRL move!!!!  My baby was no longer in a crib anymore and it was one more step to making the change from toddler to big girl.  Second - more work for me.  Of course she wouldn't stay in the bed.  Of course she would play with everything in the room and have access to things that I didn't want her to.  Of course she would try to escape outside her 4 walls.  And I was right :)  The transition was rough and it still is.  She actually cried when she watched some other Daddy take the crib off of our porch and put it in his car.  I had no idea she was really attached to that crib!!!!!  Nap times are pretty much non-existent.  I have to lock her in her room and take away all chairs so she doesn't climb up on anything.  The windows have to be in a locked position.  At least she plays quietly for about an hour - and then the yelling starts that she is done with napping and you have to rush upstairs to quiet her so Harrison doesn't wake up.  Once you open the door you will find her with a completely new outfit on (usually a "Sunday Best" dress and 4 layers of t-shirts) and the entire room re-arranged.  But I will give her credit for falling asleep right away at nighttime - so I guess I have to take what I can get :)

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