Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas - before the kiddos were awake

I was really looking forward to this Christmas.  Addie was in love with the idea of Christmas and everything that went along with it.  I was equally excited because we got to finally do all of the child Christmas traditions:  leaving food and a note for Santa and his reindeer, filling the stockings, reading the Christmas stories, placing the presents under the tree, etc.  I was also excited for Christmas in our house because it was one person more this year - HARRISON!!!  Although he was sick and cranky, I think he had fun putting Addie's toys in his mouth and playing with the wrapping paper.  Addie was super excited to come down the stairs and see her long awaited "Belle" dress, shoes, slippers, and crown.  Once that was discovered - she was less enthusiastic about the rest - but when she realized the last of the presents was about to be opened - she got very upset :)  The presents were quickly opened that morning and the rest of the day was spent with toys scattered throughout all levels of the house.  I was ready to clean up Christmas and get back to normalcy.  Such excitement that was built up for one morning!!!!

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