Friday, July 30, 2010

Moving to New Jersey and Fun with the Family

What a whirlwind few weeks of moving to New Jersey!!! We left on the eve of BJ's last day of work at Duke. We headed out at about 7 pm and with some traffic delays through the night - arrived in Maplewood, NJ at about 5:30 a.m. It was a little crazy with my SUV pulling BJ's car and the whole back of the car filled with boxes. Thank you darling BJ for driving the whole time as I would not have been a good nighttime driver. To make a long story short - the rental home wasn't exactly as we had thought and we have had a little more difficulty than we would have liked. But things are slowly working out and we are settling in to a very quaint and endearing town. Some of BJ's family members came to help out with the move and his sister, Tia, has helped watch Addie while we got the house settled. It was nice to move to a city and be surrounded by some familiar faces. It also helped Addie to have some playmates around so she wouldn't be as occupied with the things that she shouldn't be getting into.

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