Monday, January 24, 2011

39 Weeks

It's been a long road...well, I say that now. The first 7 months FLEW by due to the move from NC and relocation to NJ. Taking care of a toddler at home helped to pass the time. Then I got HUGE at 8 months and have been waiting to meet this little boy ever since. I truly do love parts of being pregnant - the mere fact that a little being is growing in my belly is AMAZING and those first moments when you feel the baby moving inside is truly special. he is HUGE and I can't sleep anymore - so, get out!!!!! :) This may be our last pregnancy and I should be relishing every little pregnancy moment- but you just get to that point where you are DONE. I am actually going to be excited when I feel that first twinge of labor pains coming on. I know what to expect now - and it's not pretty - but bring it on! I am ready to be a family of 4!

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