Thursday, June 1, 2017

Local Bakery Debuting "Surprise" Doughnuts to Honor National Doughnut Day 2017

Alfonso's Pastry Shoppe - Cranford, NJ -

Ever since Adolph Levitt's first fried doughnut was sold out of his bakery in New York City in 1920 - America fell in love and the doughnut industry boomed.  Tomorrow, June 2, just happens to be National Doughnut Day and why not head to your local bakery and indulge in one of those scrumptious baked treats?!  You might see headlines from the large doughnut chains offering deals for free doughnuts if you buy their coffee.  However, we suggest visiting a local favorite - Alfonso's Pastry Shoppe located at 200 South Avenue East, Suite 103 in Cranford, NJ.  This bakery, which opened it's doors over 45 years ago in Staten Island, recently opened a second store in Cranford and they are celebrating the "big day" in style.  The shoppe will have an "abundance" of doughnuts tomorrow - the tried and true customer favorites are the jelly-filled with cinnamon or powered sugar topping, Bavarian cream, and milk chocolate with sprinkles.  The most recent debut is the "Rainbow Cookie Doughnut" (featured above) - which is 3 layers of almond cake doughnut, raspberry jam filling and milk chocolate covering.
If that isn't enough to bring you inside this dazzling bakery - you may also want to line up early to grab their "surprise" doughnuts made just for this "National Day".  After seeing the amazing assortment of desserts lining the shelves - you may want to treat your family to one of each! Happy indulging everyone!

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