Thursday, September 22, 2011


BJ had a conference in Boulder, CO - basically the week after we moved.  No way I was staying home in an unpacked house with 2 kids!!!!  So we packed up everyone and headed to Colorado.  Both kids did well on the 5 hour flight - Addie had her own seat which helped tremendously. We didn't realize what a blessing the trip would truly be....we missed an earthquake AND Hurricane Irene!!!  We were essentially trapped in Colorado beyond our original date due to being unable to return home to NJ.  And thank goodness - since we didn't know the state of our new home - all we had were reports of no electricity, flooded basements, and no water in Maplewood.  We were happy to spend time in dry Colorado where the kids were safe.  It was a great trip - we started the family vacation part in Aspen which was GORGEOUS!!!  We took air gondolas into the mountains and Addie had a blast!  Then we stayed in Grand Junction, CO with the Hanly family (Eric was a fellow with BJ at Duke).  Addie had a wonderful time with Rachel, their youngest daughter.   We relaxed, ate wonderful home cooked meals, and visited the Arches National Park in Utah.  That was an awe-inspiring day.  I felt like I was on a completely different planet!!!  The natural structures were AMAZING and so absolutely gorgeous - Addie had fun trying to keep up with the older kids.  At one point we were trying to get a picture of Addie and we said "Say, Utah!".  Addie held up her arms and said "I'm tah with you!!!!!"  and then later "Me-tah!"  So cute!   We really fell in love with all that Colorado had to offer and it was humbling to see the Rockies and the Grand Basin in the near distance.  A great first family vacation as a family of 4! And the best part was coming home to an untouched home - nice and dry ;)

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