Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy 7 months Harrison!!!!

He is just the cutest little boy ever!!!!!!  He has a quirky smile that stretches a mile wide, a face that lights up from ear to ear,  "Sting" hair, a side-ways crawl, and an odd guttural grunt that signals when he wants attention or "more" of something.  He is very mobile and standing up on his own.  He started consonant babbling and his first word was "dada" which he says over and over.  He can wave "bye" on occasion and is very accurate with his gaze when you ask "Where is ... (mommy, daddy, Addie, Blue).  He still loves Mommy and Daddy's bed and can sleep through the night if snuggled up against one of us.  Otherwise - it's many trips back and forth if we try to have him sleep in the crib.  He loves making noise with objects and getting caught in the trickiest of situations.  He is attracted to electrical outlets, dog food bowls, rod iron tables, and stair landings :)

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