Monday, October 10, 2011


So Addie had a day when she was really sick - all she wanted to do was lay on the sofa, drink Pedialyte from a bottle, and watch TV.  So we rented "Dumbo" (old version) on TV.  It was the first Disney movie that Addie really connected with.  She fell in love with the mommy/baby relationship and bawled when Dumbo had to be taken away from his mommy.  She said "His mommy be right back with him? " over and over through the tears.  It broke my heart and I held her so tight.  At the same time I was happy that she understood what was going on and that she had empathy towards another being.  We watched that movie 8 times that day.  About the first 4 times she cried each time during the "Baby be Mine" scene - then she finally realized that the ending stayed the same and his mommy always came back to Dumbo - that made her happy and reassured.  :)

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