Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trip to St. Louis - the saga

Wow - what a trip this was!!!!!  I traveled by myself with both kids while BJ had a conference in San Francisco.  We were supposed to stay for only 6 days.  We accomplished a lot in those days - the Botanical Gardens, the Zoo, visiting all the family, and Eckerts Farm.  We headed back to the airport 6 days later and found that our flight back to NJ was delayed due to rainy weather.  So we sat there - and sat there - and sat there.  Just when we thought we were going to board the plane - they delayed it even longer!!!!  By this time the kids were a mess because they hadn't napped yet and the airline attendant had no clue if this flight was ever going to take off.  So I said - NO WAY am I staying here any longer with these kids :)  Let's start the trip off fresh the next morning.  The airline lady said that was fine - the only issue was that all flights back to NJ were booked until Sunday - and it was only Thursday!!!  Since we didn't really have anything to get back to and we would still be home in time for Halloween - I said "fine".  I could use more days to hang out with my family!!! 

The other story behind this is that the Cardinals were in the midst of the World Series playoffs.  BJ and I both wanted to be in town for the big win.  So I called BJ up and told him about our delay.  He was already back in NJ and said that if the Cardinals won game 5 that night - he would fly in for game 6 and then the whole family would hang out for the weekend.  So that night I stayed up watching the game until the bottom of the 8th inning.  It wasn't looking good for the Cardinals and I was upset - so I went to bed and turned off my cell phone.  The next morning I woke up, turned on my phone, and was surprised at the plethora of text messages that included:  "Wow!  What a game!" to "This is going to be a happy flight" to "I am on the plane now - be there at noon".  What the @#$#@???????  Turns out I missed the best playoff game in a long time!!!!  The Cardinals came back in over-time to win!!!!!!  How exciting!  So the kids stayed with my parents for a day while BJ and I got a hotel in St. Louis and hung out around the stadium.  BJ went to the winning game with his buddy, Ryan and I watched the game nearby with Molly.  Long story short - the Cardinals ended up winning the World Series and we were right in the mix of things!!!!! It was a fun night - not as much fun as I had in 2006 - but maybe that is because I am older now, a mother, and not a fan of drunken crowds like I used to be :)

The next day came another surprise.  I got texts from the NJ weather channel and my neighbor across the street about a bad snowstorm hitting the area later that day.  Supposedly there would be high winds, heavy snow, and the potential for downed trees and powerlines.  WHAT!!!!?????  It was 70 degrees when we left and only the end of October - this was crazy!!!  How bad could it be???  Well it turns out it was really bad.  That heavens we were not home for this mess.  About 8 inches of heavy snow fell - but the main issues was that the trees still had all of the leaves and the snow on top made them start falling everywhere.  The entire area was worse than after Hurricane Irene.  Fallen trees everywhere, no power, no heat, nowhere to drive or get anywhere.  BJ had to leave Sunday morning to get back to surgery on Monday - but we decided to stay longer in St. Louis till we knew it was safe to take the kids back.  BJ had to stay in a hotel because there was no power or heat at the house.  Halloween, which was Monday, was cancelled in our town.  We ended up staying till Wednesday (finally got heat and power Tuesday night) and the kids actually had a Halloween in my old neighborhood!!!! 

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