Monday, March 18, 2013

Harrison's 2nd Birthday!

Oh my goodness!  My little baby boy - who seemed like he would be a baby forever - has just turned 2!!!!  I think he went overnight from baby to full-out toddler!!!!  What a year it has been for little man Harrison.  He celebrated most of his "firsts" this year!  First steps, first tooth, first words, first trip to the beach - and then his initiation as a BIG BROTHER to Lennon!  Harrison's journey thus far has been so different in comparison to Addie.  His first year of life was so difficult because he really just wanted to be attached to me at all times!!!!!  He was such a small little baby and wanted Mommy - a very needy child.  He didn't start sleeping on his own through the until until his first birthday!  This last year has seen him developing finally into his own little person with the best personality ever.  His little odd quirks and adorableness has made me fall in love with him all over again each and every day.  Some things about Harrison that I will remember at the close of this year....
1.  His ever growing love of his sister - his imitation of her every move and action
2.  Putting funny things on his head like a hat - buckets, blocks, cardboard boxes
3.  Backing up when he doesn't like something
4.  His "Mmm hmm" answer when he wants something
5.  His trilling noise for cars
6.  His pretending to be a dinosaur, pirate, & puppy are the best!
7.  Still loves holding some small item in one of his hands
8.  Loves wearing his cool sunglasses - even to sleep
9.  Loves to sleep with whatever toy he fell in love with that day
10.  Waking up to holding his 3 Musketeers...."Stitch, 'Saur, and Bunny"
11.  His weird, crooked smile that has forever misaligned his baby teeth :)
12.  His funny galloping that he does whenever he is "dancing"
13.  How he would stick his belly out and arms up when he first learned to walk
14.  How he hums "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" when he is happy (has since about 13 months!!!)
15.  How he still doesn't talk really well - he has his own little language!
16.  His love of cars
17.  Throwing food when he is done
18.  Climbing like a spider monkey on anything and everything
19.  He doesn't like like to be dirty or messy
20.  His sweet, cuddly self and little kisses at nighttime
21.  Such a good big brother to Lennon - now starting to "teach" him things
22.  How he cuddles up in this little ball and only sleeps in the same small part of his big crib
23.  His HUGE blue eyes and long eyelashes
24.  His HUGE smile that curls back
25.  His big colic in the the back of that thick hair
26.  His still wanting to be carried around all of the time
27.  Helping Mommy make coffee every morning
28.  Dressing up in Addie's princess dresses
281/2.  Pretending to be a dog - he LOVES doing this.  He barks, crawls, drinks out of the dog food bowls, eats dog food, and licks you :)
29.  The phase of spitting juice/milk all over himself for fun
30.  And that he spent most of his first year as just a "mini" - finally growing out of his 18 month clothes a few weeks before his 2nd birthday!!!!!  It was such a surprise at his 2 year visit that he went from 25% in height to 75%!!!!   But his weight was still 5-10% :)

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