Friday, January 17, 2014

Missed some things in September!!!!!

Sometimes it is hard to retroactively post stuff on our blog - but I gotta do it!!!!!  Forgot about our last trip to Pittsburgh before the house went on the market (whole other story and hopefully I will always remember the chaos that ensued before and after this house went on sale) - but we had a great time and celebrated BJ's BIRTHDAY!!!!!  while we were in Pittsburgh.  We had a great night out with Gwen and Paul and Stephanie Krick - no kids!!!!!  Then we celebrated again on his actual birthday driving home - he HAD to stop at McDonalds ;)  (post throwing up a few hours earlier all over my new Escalade door - due to a migraine)

Cute picture of Addie, scary clown

Primanti Brothers on the South Side!

Lined up to get some Sammies

Well, it looked pretty damn perfect

Awesome drink on BJ's birthday

Playing Star Wars the next day

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