Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Double Digits - Harrison is 10 Months!!!

Whoa!!! Slow it down!!!!  I don't want my baby boy to be double digits yet!!!!  I don't want there to be only 8 weeks till he is 1 year old!!!!!!  Time flies by so quickly and especially around the holidays I think it goes even QUICKER!!!  He is so FREAKING cute and every day I marvel at how cute he is at everything he does!!!  I guess it makes up for the frustration over his poor sleep habits :)  He is really imitating everything we do now:  talking on the phone, taking pictures with a camera, putting on hats, etc.  I think he is taking in way more than we think he is!!!! He also claps now and loves to "dance" to music by bending his knees!!!!  He doesn't like to be spoon fed anymore so mealtime options are a little more challenging - especially when you have NO TEETH!!!

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us said...

pea, edamame, and apple? LOL!