Monday, May 31, 2010

11 Months and the month of May.

What a great month! What a great year! This month FLEW by - probably because so much happened in May and I was planning Addie's "birthday week". BJ and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on May 9th (which was also Mother's Day). The following weekend was May 15-16th. I took BJ to a gun safety course/shooting range on the 15th for his anniversary gift and then we headed to my co-workers margarita party in the evening. On my birthday, the 16th, we had Addie's 1-year photography shoot at the beautiful Raleigh Arboretum in the morning and then we went to brunch after that. In the evening we went to a Spanish Tapas restaurant - I was craving paella and sangria! My mother came in that following Thursday (my father on Saturday) so BJ and I could go to New Jersey to try to find a place to live. WHEW!!!!! So- back to Addie....she definitely starting showing some signs of the "toddler" stage this month. She learned to shake her head and say "Nooooo" and also point her finger like mommy and say "No, no, no". She loves to throw toys and food. She arches her back and throws herself on the ground when she is upset that something - even stomps her feet at times. Putting her down for a nap or changing her diaper is near impossible. But despite all of that - It is really hard to keep from laughing because she is so cute while being a little stinker.

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