Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update on Adelaide

It's been awhile since I've written about our little pumpkin. We have gotten so caught up in the move and getting settled that I've slacked on the constant updating of her life :) Also - the milestones aren't coming as quickly now and I am just trying to enjoy her instead of documenting her every move! Despite the fact that I am super prejudice, we definitely have a bright little baby on our hands. She absolutely amazes me at times! So - sorry to bore you with this long note - it's more for myself than anything - I just don't want to forget these things!
Eating: Addie eats everything that we eat now. She is getting in her bottom premolars and has 4 upper teeth! Her favorite foods are blueberries, pasta, strawberries, hummus, and strawberry applesauce. She is working hard on mastering the spoon and mealtime is still very messy. She still likes her "ba ba" (bottle) and is on whole milk.
Sleep: Little girl is a sleeper! She sleeps through the night - usually close to 12 hours. She is down to one nap a day - but thank goodness its a long one and I hope it stays that way for 2 years! Momma needs to get some things done around the house!
Language: Honestly - she is at the level of a 2 yr old (even the pediatrician says so!) She has an 80 + vocabulary and is now putting 2 words together. She has figured out that adults talk in connected speech - so her "talking" is about 8 or more made-up words all strung together with the appropriate hand gestures and facial expressions. She honestly has a lot to say - we just don't know what it is yet! The nice thing is that she is able to convey most of her needs/wants. Her comprehension is out of this world and she can now follow some 2-step directions. Everyone says that she will start talking straight sentences in a few months from now!
Cognition: Amazing! She knows the following body parts: eyes, nose, mouth, hair, ear, elbow, arm, hand, leg, belly, foot, toe, and knee. She remembers places she has been - even if it has been a month! She is definitely into pretend play and imitating others. She must have her car, phone, keys, baby, and purse with her at all times :) She is getting better with shape recognition and we are working on some basic colors. She loves to do her favorite animal sounds: cat, dog, horse, snake, monkey, sheep, cow, chicken, bird. She is now beginning to understand that letters stand for something and likes to point to them and use her favorite letters "i" , "a", and "o". I think that she thinks every word spells "Addie". Her comprehension of this world at 15 months is pretty impressive.
Motor Skills: Addie is walking like a champ and now trying to perfect running. She is starting to figure out how to move her feet on ride-a-longs. She likes to dance and twirl around until she gets so dizzy that she falls over :)

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