Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jersey Shore Party

I can't believe I am saying this - but BJ and I are fans of the MTV hit "Jersey Shore". It's quite addicting to watch these people drink, fight, tan, etc. The drama in the house is fabulous and their style is quite unique. Many of you may know Snooki and her infamous "poof". BJ and I were quite jazzed when we found out our friends in New York were having a Jersey Shore party. We headed straight out to the stores to put together our perfect outfits. It was a little harder for me, being pregnant. But in the end - I think we would have won a prize had there been one. We represented Jersey Shore style quite well that night! Addie was quite amused with Mommy and Daddy and loved all of the jewelry and sunglasses that we were sporting. I just hope that Addie, the babysitter, and the neighbors don't think that this is how we normally look for a "night out on the town".

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